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Lazy Eight viewed from a vantage point HD

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Aircraft : RANS S-6, 65HP Camera drone : DJI Phantom 4

Ultralight flying with tom tom HD

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Aircraft : RANS S-6, 65 HP Music : "Near Dawn" / Suan Plu Chorus, Thailand

Air rescue at A Shau Valley, Vietnam War HD

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An American pilot landed his Skyraider attack aircraft to rescue his downed squadron mate.

Opposing aces shot each other down HD

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This is the event in which an American ace and Russian ace shot each other down in Korean War.

Loganair takeoff on water from Barra beach HD

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Loganair flight takeoff from Barra Airport in the Outer Hebrides (Scotland). Voted the most stunning landing and takeoff spot in the world - It is the only airport where scheduled commercial flights land on a beach and flights must therefore be timed to coincide with low tide.

Low-level precision bombing by RAF Mosquit... HD

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The bombing of Amiens Prison in France to assist the escape of the prisoners condemned to death, April 18, 1944

Lt Frank McNamara V.C. HD

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WWI scout pilot landed his aircraft to pick up a downed squadron mate Wishing the admin. and the viewers of TakeoffTube a Happy New Year retiredman9

Lazy Eight_Drone view HD

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Aircraft : RANS S-6ES Drone : DJI Phantom 3 Entry speed : 85 mph Minimum speed : 60 mph

Humid clouds HD

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They abound when relative humidity reaches 94 % and up. Here the base of these clouds is at 300 ft AGL, and the top 400-500 ft AGL.