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Fighter Pilots HD

05:48 161682 0 Topgun_pilot

Fighter Pilots. Music: UNKLE - Lonely Soul

F-35C Flight in Formation HD

01:02 165940 0 mach3

F-35C Flight in Formation

Bonanza F33 amazing aerobatic show HD

06:03 170863 0 Desertwind

Bonanza F33 amazing aerobatic show

Jackie Chan Embraer Legacy 650 HD

03:22 163167 0 Desertwind

Jackie Chan, the new ambassador of Embraer, presenting his brand new Legacy 650 .

Push back direct onto the runway at Male ... HD

04:58 165832 0 Commander

A330 Push back direct onto the runway at Maldives Male Airport.

Flying Through the Hurricane Eye HD

04:16 174992 1 GForce

Flying Through a Hurricane Eye. Really amazing!

67FS Top Air-to-Air squadron USAF 2012 Ray... HD

09:47 174311 2 viper

The 67FS winning the 2011 Raytheon Trophy for outstanding aerial achievement, given only to the top air-to-air squadron in the USAF. AWESOME VIDEO SHARE IT!!! Credits: -All Tower footage filmed by Jersey -Unrestricted Climb ground view camera: Wreck and Switch -Backseat Unrestricted climb pilot: Egg -GO Pro captains: Blue, Hozen,Egg -Go Pro Majors: Jersey, Lips, Crusher - 2 ship BFM footage pilots: Jersey, Hozen, Snizzler, Trip, Wreck - Large Force Engagement Radio Voices: Cock 1: Jersey, Cock 2: Match, Cock 3: Flash, Cock 4: Blaze - BFM radio voices: Guano and Jersey

Boeing Dreamliner 787 First Landing at Gat... HD

01:01 162225 1 Boeingman (not yet rated)

25-04-12. Yesterday the First Landing of the B787 Dreamliner N787BX at Gatwick Airport. Heavy Rain & Crosswinds conditions!

2012 Doolittle Reunion 70th Anniversary HD

05:17 174198 0 Aleale (not yet rated)

2012 B-25 Doolittle Reunion for 70th Anniversary and AMAZING formation flight. Doolittle Tokyo Raiders as the World War II aviation heroes commemorate the 70th anniversary of the raid on Japan during their reunion from April 17-20, 2012, at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. On April 18, 1942, 80 men achieved the unimaginable when they took off from an aircraft carrier on a top secret mission to bomb Japan. These men, led by Lt. Col. James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle, came to be known as the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.

B-747 Amazing Landing Gear Camera View HD

04:52 167577 0 Boeingman

B-747 Amazing Landing Gear Camera View

Take a ride in the B-25 Mitchell bomber HD

07:45 169381 0 Aleale (not yet rated)

The Planes of Fame Bomber B-25 Mitchell takes to the sky for the flight show of the Planes of Fame Monthly Living History event in March 2012.