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Jeb Corliss Ground Impact! HD

02:46 164468 0 Batman (not yet rated)

Last adventure of Jeb Corliss unfortunately ended with a ground impact.

Girl blown away by A320 HD

00:59 164878 2 JackSpacer

Princess Juliana International Airport. This Girl is literally blown away by an A320 during takeoff. She was lucky, just minor injury. Very Dangerous!!!

LAX Awesome Video HD

02:41 174878 0 USA_Spotter

Just found this truly nice video recorded at LAX. IT feels like a scene from "Up in the Air" or "Catch Me If You Can"! Author is Mr. Stephen Lee Carr.

Faro ramp action HD

12:09 163604 1 ElGringo

Portugal: Faro ramp action. Author: Luis Rosa

PAL-V a real Flying Car HD

01:37 181214 0 MR_Smith

This project is called PAL-V and this stands for Personal Air and Land Vehicle. It is a real Flying Car

Black Diamond Aerobatic Promo HD

01:30 163322 0 Afterburner

Black Diamond Aerobatic Team Promo

Dolomites Wingsuit BASE Tour HD

05:46 169306 0 Foxx (not yet rated)

Turbolenza Dolomites Wingsuit B.A.S.E. Tour. Their mission: jump from the 5 highest exit points in Italian Dolomites in 5 Days. Turbolenza Members are Roberta Mancino, Maurizio di Palma, James Boole, Noah Bahnson, Vania Da Rui.

Viper West - F16 Flight Demonstration Team HD

09:58 169269 1 viper

Viper West - F16 Flight Demonstration Team. The video was recorded during the 2011 Jacqueline Cochran Air Show held each November in Thermal, California.

Exploring the Sky HD

06:09 169722 0 Batman (not yet rated)

Exploring the Sky, Wingsuit Flying over California (Lake Elsinore), Florida (Zephyrhills), Nevada (Mesquite), and Puerto Rico (Vega Baja).

The Dream of Dolomites HD

06:51 166859 1 Foxx

The Dream of Dolomites, recorded over the Italian Dolomites Alps. Watch all the overlay descriptions. Absolutely incredible video! Copyright goes to www.dreamsfly.eu.