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B747 and Space Shuttle Discovery Landing a... HD

08:27 179409 0 Clark_Griswold

B747 and Space Shuttle Discovery Flyovers Delight D.C. Area Landing at Dulles Airport. This is the final positioing flight for the Discovery to the Air Space Museum.

Shuttle Discovery Formation Final Flight HD

08:54 175924 0 Clark_Griswold

Formation flight with B747 carrying Shuttle Discovery to Space Museum.

Racing for Anna Brietling Commercial HD

02:48 186324 0 flygirl

Breitling commercial, L-39 Albatros vs MXS-R.

F18 Low Level Flying HD

05:33 172979 0 viper

F18 low level fast flying over the Sierras filmed from the cockpit. Amazing!

P-38 Lightning Honey Bunny flight demons... HD

06:35 184998 0 Aleale (not yet rated)

The P-38L Lightning, "Honey Bunny" takes off for a demonstration flight for the April 2012 event at Planes of Fame Air Museum's . The pilot is Steve Hinton, note that the camera is mounted on one of the guns in the nose area.


01:11 179294 0 castefatown

Avianca 018 arriving from its usual place : Bogotá JOIN US ON FACEBOOK : http:/facebook.com/Avionerbarcelonacom PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE! : Avionesbracelona.com Enjoy it

2012 Bluebonnet Air Show HD

02:29 179109 0 Planehook

Warbirds, aerobatics, and more at the 2012 Bluebonnet Air Show held at the Burnet Municipal Airport in Burnet, Texas, USA.

Patriot Jet Team over San Francisco HD

02:36 172708 0 Topgun_pilot (not yet rated)

Onboard a Jet of the Patriot Jet Team over San Francisco. This was filmed with the new ContourGPS in 60 fps mode.

Air to Air Refueling the B-52 Stratofortress HD

04:14 179759 1 Topgun_pilot

Amazing mid-air refueling over Grand Canyon of the B-52 Stratofortress!

Jeb Corliss Ground Impact! HD

02:46 177888 0 Batman (not yet rated)

Last adventure of Jeb Corliss unfortunately ended with a ground impact.

Girl blown away by A320 HD

00:59 178496 2 JackSpacer

Princess Juliana International Airport. This Girl is literally blown away by an A320 during takeoff. She was lucky, just minor injury. Very Dangerous!!!