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Roberta Mancino the extreme wingsuite fly ... HD

06:38 182951 0 Batman (not yet rated)

Here is Roberta Mancino, Jeb Corliss girlfriend, the extreme wingsuite fly girl and model!

Boeing 747-8F max rejected takeoff test HD

02:51 187017 0 Boeingman

The rejected takeoff or maximum brake energy test is one of the most dramatic and stressing for a new airliner. It's basically what Boeing test pilot Captain Kirk Vining had to do recently with the new 747-8F during one of the airplane certification tests.

GoPro Camera + F18 = AMAZING HD

03:55 185585 0 viper

GoPro Camera + F18 = AMAZING

New Lufthansa Commercial with FC Bayern M... HD

01:00 191963 0 Thomas

Lufthansa Spot mit dem FC Bayern München. The Captain is the star!

Breitling Jet Team East Mediterranean Tour... HD

02:41 180074 0 flygirl

The Breitling Jet Team have alanded safely back to Dijon, France after a tour of 5 new states, which involved 7 aircraft flying more than 225 sorties in 18 days with all flights on schedule! This unique tour allowed the biggest professional civilian aerobatics team performing on jets to display to new audiences in the East Mediterranean and the Middle East demonstrating, through their impressive and emotive performance, Breitling's passion and enthusiasm for aviation. Whether displaying over the coastline or, as in the case of Beirut and Amman, closed to the main airport for the display, the surrounding areas, rooftops and balconies were always crowded with people anxious to see the air show. The team felt honoured by the warm welcome they received at each stage and were also happy to meet some of their aviation colleagues along the way including; the Hellenic Air Force, the Turkish Stars and even sharing the skies at the final event with the Royal Jordanian Falcons. Alongside the main events, there were many highlights with first-time flights over the Acropolis in Greece, the Golden Horn in Turkey, the beautiful Cedar forests in Lebanon, Tel Aviv beach in Israel and a chance to fly more than a thousand feet below sea level over the Dead Sea in Jordan. This trip will be etched for a lifetime in the team's memory and be envied by aviators around the globe. The team's fleet of L-39C Albatros jet aircraft will now undergo a winter maintenance program ready to fulfil their commitments for the upcoming 2012 season.

Incredible Wingsuite Base Jumping in China HD

04:02 195919 0 Batman

Incredible Wingsuite Base Jumping recorded in China. Really amazing location. Great video guys!!! Original rights follow: base-book.com Blue suit: Matt Gerdes. Air to air camera by Barry Holubeck. Music: White on White, by Fredrik.

The Amazing British Airways Relief Flight ... HD

04:12 188428 0 Foxx

On Thursday the 3rd of November, British Airways carried 45 tonnes of life-saving UNICEF aid for people affected by the famine. British Airways donated the aircraft to UNICEF appeal, which is being backed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to help the 13million victims of the East Africa crisis. We are immensely proud of all colleagues who helped to make this flight happen. Please donate to the appeal, visit www.eastafricacrisis.org .

Building Jet Engines by GE Aviation HD

02:48 189458 1 BigSky

The Fascinating World Of Building Jet Engines by GE Aviation.

Flying wild indonesia with a Pilatus Porter HD

07:05 192768 0 Rezzonico

Flying wild indonesia with a PC-6 Turbo Porter in west papua.

Brazilian Federal Police Chasing Airplane HD

00:33 194670 0 gofwars

Brazilian Federal Police Chasing Airplane at Takeoff.

Pilot forgot to lower the landing gear HD

04:10 191592 1 Aleale (not yet rated)

Pilot forgot to lower the landing gear landing at Megève altiport in France. On the video you can hear the warning signal of the plane, that indicates, that the gear was not lowered but nobody cares of it.