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EAA 2011 AirVenture Oshkosh Final Recap HD

02:45 208442 1 USA_Spotter

EAA 2011 AirVenture Oshkosh Final Recap, this show is AMAZING!

F-35B First Day Trials on board the USS WASP HD

00:29 224207 0 viper

F-35B First Day Trials on board the USS WASP

F-35B Initial Sea Trial HD

00:34 200608 0 viper

The Navy and Marine Corps made a remarkable naval aviation history today as the F-35B JSF aircraft landed safely on the USS Wasp Carrier flight deck. It was the absolute first sea vertical landing for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Good Job!

This is Breitling - 2011 Spot HD

02:42 193389 0 flygirl

New spot for Breitling, very suggestive! The title is This is Breitling. Also with a special guest star: John Travolta.

ISS Satellite Flyover the earth HD

00:55 212026 0 FlyFishing

ISS Satellite Flyover the earth, you can the light from the major cities and even flashes from the thunderstoms areas. Really nice and emotional to see the beauty of our planet from the space.

British Airways To Fly To Serve HD

01:29 207408 1 Keeley

British Airways - Advertising 2011: To Fly. To Serve. Really nice and amazing!

Mr.Trump Vip Boeing 757 Tour HD

03:30 203505 0 Rezzonico

Miss Amanda Miller gives us a show-tour of the private Vip Boeing 757 of Mr. Trump. Glamour!

Delivery Trip HD

09:47 195714 0 Desertwind

This documentary was filmed during a delivery trip of a Phenom 100 jet from Brazil to India. Credits goes to Anna Carl Lucchese, original video: http://www.vimeo.com/28251776.

Australian Cow-Copters HD

02:32 211793 0 JackSpacer

Modern Australian Helicopter Cowboys, curious!

Red Bull Air Race Pilons Crash Test HD

01:11 202032 0 Desertwind

Red Bull Air Race Pilons Crash Test

Impressing Wingsuite Flying by Jeb Corliss HD

03:28 205640 2 Batman

I've found this video, original name is Grinding The Crack and it's really REALLY amazing! The flying man is Jeb Corliss, here his original description and credits: Multiple camera angle flying the crack. I already know the exit was horrible but the flight made up for it :) cameras by http://www.gopro.com base gear by http://www.apexbase.com wing-suits by http://www.tonywingsuits.com clothing by http://www.afflictionclothing.com helmets by http://www.cookiecomposites.com/ you can fallow my latest news at http://www.jeb.corliss.com