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Red Bull Akte Connecting flight HD

02:48 207541 2 ForFun

Unbelievable stunt with two gliders and a skydiver. Skydiver Paul Steiner climbs from one glider to another and touches the rudder during mirrorflight. Difficoult o explain, must see and share! ;-)

Breitling Wingwalkers Official Videoclip 2011 HD

03:22 207506 0 Flying_Steward

Breitling Wingwalkers Official Videoclip for year 2011

Blue Angels 5 Sneak Pass HD

00:35 211275 0 viper

Blue Angels 5 Sneak Pass at Fleet Week San Francisco.

Formation flight with a hawk HD

03:44 209175 0 Afterburner

Incredible paragliding formation flight with a hawk. This video was recorded in Nepal pokhara sarangkot new experience for the excitement.The pilot is Mr.Scott. MUST SEE, and remember to vote and to share this video! ;-)

What an Astronaut Sees from the Space HD

07:00 207055 0 Jocey

NASA Video about what an Astronaut sees from the Space. AMAZING!

Rafale Refueling over the Mediterranean Sea HD

04:52 203665 0 Aleale

French Rafale and Mirage 2000 refueling over the Mediterranean Sea during Air Operations over Lybia.


01:01 210528 0 Rezzonico

Really cool music for the trailer of this fantastic movie, PATHS OF HATE! ENJOY THE ACTION!

AVIANOVA.. advertising! HD

01:57 249502 4 Skyworld

Very... interesting way to advertise an airline. What can we expect in the future? Avianova is making the pace, gogogogogogo! LOL