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Outclassed, outgunned and outnumbered ! HD

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WWII Thai fighter pilots made do with what they had in the defense of their homeland. Music : Lampang Girl / Tanis SriKlinDee flute

Australian Air Force Globemaster C17 low pa... HD

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Australian Air Force Globemaster C17 VERY COOL low pass Brisbane

Thrill of Landing a BOEING 787 over Maho Beach

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Thrill of Landing a BOEING 787 over Maho Beach

Awesome SMOKY TOUCHDOWNS 747, MD11 & CO...

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Plane Spotting HANEDA - Awesome Traffic!

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Plane Spotting HANEDA - Awesome Traffic!

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T26 Powerline Inspection

00:07 246525 1 (not yet rated)

T26 VTOL UAV performing a Hover close to powerlines for inspection purposes.

USAF Stratotanker Texel Airshow - HD video

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USAFE Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker Aerial Refueling Aircraft Texel Airshow 2012 Tailnumber 23540 Unique flightmoment almost never happens in The Netherlands!

Aviation Nation 2008 C17 Demo

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Aviation Nation 2008 - C-17 Taxiing Backwards Demo At Nellis AFB. Enjoy the clip!

Lockheed P-38 Lightning

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Red Bull Lockheed P-38 Lightning F-5G-6-LO"Twin-tailed Devil" One of the six still flying P-38 in the world

Airlines Slow Down Flights to Save on Fuel

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Airlines are trying to slow planes down, but just by a little bit. It's a new technique being adopted by some major carriers to save money on fuel.

Boeing B787 Dreamliner low speed pass

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B787 Dreamliner N787BA with Boeing house colors making low pass atWarsaw Airport (WAW/EPWA). Filmed on 24th June 2011.

Mass recovery Eurofighter Mirage 2000 Gripen F...

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15-4-2013 Frisian Flag Leeuwarden Airbase