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How careful are airlines in checking suspect c...

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The Chaser boys play a trick on Austrlian airport secruity

Arrival HA-ANI Antonov AN-2P Wings Wheels and ...

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Antonov (PZL-Mielec) An-2P HA-ANI C/n: 1G132-55

Lake Tahoe

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View entering Lake Tahoe from the East heading West over lake. Shot by iphone. In a Zenith CH750 light sport plane.

MD-80 Landing Mishap

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The test flight of this McDonnell Douglas MD-80 ends dramatically at Edwards AFB, Calif.

FullFlap.TV (5/8) Air Safaris at AeroExpo - Fu...

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Recording of Saturday's live show from AeroExpo London Part 5 of 8 Vicki finds out about Air Safaris, what they involve and how you can get to go on one. We are taking a break and will be back for a new season on 13th July 2009 FullFlap.TV – Private, Commercial, Fun - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying.

When Pigs Fly

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Capital One is sending the illustrated pig plane into flight to make a point about its new "too good to be true" Rewards Money Market account, the first savings account to offer both a competitive interest rate and consumer rewards miles, simply for saving (yeah right, when pigs fly!). The flying pig plane features six giant flying pig illustrations, adorned with bomber jackets, scarves and aviator goggles. Each of the pigs is approximately 10 feet high with a wingspan of 13 feet. For the next six months, flights on the 'piggy plane' will be available to the public on regularly scheduled Skybus Airline routes.

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EVA AIR A321 Takeoff From RCKH/KHH

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EVA AIR A321-200 Takeoff From RCKH/KHH to Shanghai at 2016/11/11

10x EUROFIGHTER Typhoon Full Speed TAKE OFF

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Leeuwarden Airbase German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon Take Off

Chinook Training Flight

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Look at this training flight on the Chinook!

The airline of your dreams!

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Check out this airline, the sexiest hostess are here!!! :-P