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Waving Pilots from Ryanair, easyJet, TUI, L...

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Ryanair pilots throw open the windows and give a brilliant wave to the camera at London Stansted Airport. Friendly crew in this planespotting video from London Stansted Airport features a lot of up close action of many airlines and aircraft at London Stansted Airport including Ryanair, easyJet,, Pegasus, Air Moldova, TUI, BA Cityflyer and Aurigny. Check out the waving pilots on each of the aircraft included in this video. The up-close scenes were made possible by Essex Police (Stansted) and the Planewatch scheme with London Stansted Airport Aerozone, meaning that views were obtained from the opposite side of the airport compared to where I usually film. I really hope you enjoy the views and a massive thank you to Stansted Police, Aerozone and of course, to all of the crews that waved at the cameras. Very much appreciated and a very enjoyable day. FEATURES Ryanair EI-....

Airbus A350 flying display at Farnborough A...

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The A350-1000XWB in the Airbus Industrie Carbon Livery performs an awesome flight display with incredible acrobatic manoeuvres at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018 FIA2018. The A350 XWB 1000 is the newest variant following the A350-900. Here you see up close take-off, taxi, overhead flying and landing of this carbon fibre next generation twin jet. The Launch customer for the A350-1000 is Qatar Airways. I hope you enjoy watching the amazing flight, it's hard to imagine such a large aircraft being able to be manoeuvred in flight in such an agile way, but the crew really demonstrate the aerodynamics of the "XWB - Extra Wide Body" aircraft.

Flying in El Nino and La Nina sceneries HD

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El Nino makes for parched, rain staved land. La Nina induces green and fresh.

CAPTAIN RODRIGO who almost became a Doctor

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CAPTAIN RODRIGO who almost became a Doctor

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Aviation fun Pilot persuades partner to go fly...

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In this show: 8th Dec 2008 This week: Is it possible to persuade a plane hating partner to go flying? We put it to the test with a real partner. Don’t expect scripted PR videos to promote flying, this is what really happened. (R) Next weeks show: More of our Christmas “Best of” Specials, with our epic race between public transport and a C172. Show description: Once it was sportscar’s, now it’s aircraft. Despite what some say, flying is THE way of travelling. The sportscars are stuck in traffic jams so why not rise up above them and go further and faster than ever. We don’t mind if that you want to get that from flying a 747, a four seater or a microlight. If the idea of “flying” makes you yawn, take a look at FullFlap.TV and you’ll realise that things have changed. Tags: Pilot, aircraft, warrior, PA28, Goodwood, kennels, Aero club, fftvid, microlight....

Jumping out of a hot air balloon

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Balloonjump at Inzeller Ballonwoche 2013

CPTED II: Concentric Rings of Airport Security

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This video further examines the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts of funneling, lighting, and line-of-sight as a system of low-cost security measures.

Flying alongside a Air France Boeing 777

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Amazing air to air footage of an Air France Boeing 777 alongside another airliner.

Aviation Nation 2008 C17 Demo

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Aviation Nation 2008 - C-17 Taxiing Backwards Demo At Nellis AFB. Enjoy the clip!

ILS Approach into Fort Lauderdale

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ILS Approach for Landing Aircraft on Runway 10L. Wind and Rain are a factor in this video for Landings and Takeoffs. Thanks and enjoy!

Bed (Mid-2000s/Russian Federation)

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On this commercial, a couple is slowly waking up... but it's not where it looks like. With the help of a fellow YouTuber, the author took the liberty of adding English subtitles.

DC-4 Flying Dakota at Tempelhof

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DC-4 Flying Dutchman Dutch Dakota at Tempelhof.