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1/5 Manchester Runway Disaster

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On August 22, 1985, An engine catches fire during the takeoff phase of a British charter flight from the United Kingdom to the Greek island of Corfu. Despite a successful abandonment of takeoff, 55 of the 137 passengers and crew are killed as the aircraft burns on the runway.

This is the arrival of the Birds HD

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Arrival of the birds, amazing video by Cesar Meloni. Enjoy!

Jet mit 165 Passagieren von Airberlin rast üb...

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Gegen 7:20 Uhr am 03.01.2009 startet die Maschine - wegen technischer Probleme bricht der Pilot den Start ab, der Jet rutscht aufgrund der zu kurzen Start/Landebahn in Dortmund von der Piste ab und bleit im hohen Schnee auf einer Wiese knapp vor der Flughafen Absperrung stecken.

Alaska Airlines MD-80 Tail Strike

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Alaska Airlines MD-80 Tail Strike during takeoff from Bob Hope Airport.

Sabre Take-Off

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Here is a close-up and personal look at a F-86 Sabre on take-off, low pass!

ICELANDAIR B757-200, B757-300 & AIR ICELAN...

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Clips from the ICELANDAIR B757-200, B757-300 & AIR ICELAND Fk50 DVD (182mins) in the World Air Routes series. You can find out more about this and other DVDs by going to

Strange Military hydroplane

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I've found this video, very strange aircraft. It should be Russian, some of you have more infos about it?

AH-64D Apache Demo Team RNLAF Flares Belgian A...

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AH-64D Apache Demo Team RNLAF Flares Belgian Air Force Days