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Cantilever WINGS Brditschka HB-21

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Vliegveld Teuge PH-1545 The Brditschka HB-21is a unorthodox configuration developed in Austria in the early 1970s. The unusual design was based on work done by Fritz Raab in Germany in the 1960s. The pilot and passengers sit in a fuselage pod with the engine and propeller behind them. The pod also carries the fixed tricycle undercarriage and the high cantilever wing. The tail is carried on a pair of booms that emerge from the top and bottom of the fuselage pod, the upper of which passes through the propeller hub. The HB-21 has a conventional tail and has two seats in tandem accessed by a sidewards-hinged canopy, while the HB-23 has a T-tail and side-by-side seating accessed via gull-wing doors in the canopy. The Militky MB-E1 was a modified HB-3 with an 8-10 kW (11-13 hp) Bosch KM77 electric motor. It was the first full-sized, manned aircraft to be solely electrically powered. F....

Photos of Carlisle, PA airport 10-8-11

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These are photos of the airshow in Carlisle, PA

Air Southwest 2003-2011 Flying Into History - ...

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This is a short tribute video to UK regional carrier, Air Southwest, which after being sold by it's parent company to Eastern Airways, ceased operations under it's brand on Sept 30th 2011. This video includes shots of Air Southwest's Bombardier Dash8-300s at Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin Airports. (The video starts with a short title sequence)

Wings of Russia Naval Aviation 2/5

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This episode is dedicated to the history of the Russian naval aviation. Naval maneuvers of the 70-s. Hundreds of ships, thousands of naval aircraft... Area of operation seas and oceans Amphibians, performing reconnaissance Antisubmarine aircraft and helicopters, carrying equipment for searching and destroying submarines You can see land based missile carriers, capable of destroying an aircraft carrier of a potential enemy Soon ship based aircraft will be operational.

Blue Impulse Display Part 3

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Part 3 of 3 of the Blue Impulse Air Demonstraton Display.

FFTV (2 of 8) MT-03 and Calidus chat with Roto...

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Recording of Saturday's live show from AeroExpo London Part 2 of 8 Vicki finishes her landing in the sim and we talk to Jerry from Rotorsport about autogyros. We are taking a break and will be back for a new season on 13th July 2009 FullFlap.TV – Private, Commercial, Fun - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying.

LAN Airlines Boeing 767-300ER aterrizaje en Ma...

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LAN Airlines vuelo LNE1730 Boeing 767-300ER aterrizaje en Madrid proveniente de Guayaquil

Roberta Mancino the extreme wingsuite fly girl HD

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Here is Roberta Mancino, Jeb Corliss girlfriend, the extreme wingsuite fly girl and model!

PA28 Landing in Lugano

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Coming back from Locarno to Lugano