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Light Plane Crash Filmed from the Cockpit

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The aircraft drops altitude rapidly and the pilot pulls back to soon, stalling the aircraft and then falling to the ground. Its always easier said than done but had he eased into the flare a little more gently he could have milked out a nice soft landing. Pilot and passenger suffered minor injuries.

Sukhoi Su-35 Thrust Vectoring Demo at Pari...

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Sukhoi Su-35 Thrust Vectoring INCREDIBLE Demo at Paris 2013 Air Show.

Airbus A350 First Flight

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June 14, 2013: Airbus A350 First Flight

Wizz Air emergency landing in Rome

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An Airbus A320 jet with 165 passengers and six crew members aboard made an emergency landing at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport after landing gear failed to deploy, Wizz Air Ltd., the flight’s operator, said.


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This is the trailer of the movie called PATROUILLE DE FRANCE. More infos here:

C-130 assault landing on bomb damaged runway

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Air National Guard C-130 making a steep approach and a assault landing at a bomb damaged runway in Afghanistan.

Toncontin landing over road with traffic s...

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Toncontin landing over road with traffic signal. This was amazing but the road was actually closed in 2004.

Happy End

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Happy End is a really cool project for a photo-book. More infos here:

Eagle One Airbus Interception

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Cockpit view from Airbus A320 of Eagle One diving after interception.

Sukhoi Su-33 - Red Star

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Sukhoi Su-33 operation on the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier.

Antonov AN2 aerobatics and landing cockpit...

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Antonov AN2 aerobatics and landing cockpit view.