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Patrouille De France and Concorde Airshow

00:38 224791 0 Keeley (not yet rated)

A nice flight of the Concorde with the Patrouille De France.

Tupolev Tu 95 Bear

07:23 229934 3 Batman

The Tupolev Tu-95 is a large, four-engine turboprop powered strategic bomber and missile platform. First flown in 1952, the Tu-95 was put into service by the former Soviet Union in 1956 and is expected to serve the Russian Air Force until at least 2040.[2]. Commonly known by its NATO designation, the "Bear"[3] the aircraft has four Kuznetsov NK-12 engines, each driving contra-rotating propellers. It remains the fastest mass-produced propeller-driven aircraft and the only turboprop-powered strategic bomber to go into operational use. Its distinctively swept back wings are at 35 degrees, a very sharp angle by the standards of propeller-driven aircraft. A naval development of the bomber is designated Tu-142.The Tu-95RT variant in particular was a veritable icon of the Cold War as it performed a vital maritime surveillance and targeting mission for other aircraft and surface ships and submarines. It was identifiable by a large bulge under the fuselage, which housed a radar antenna that was used to search for and target surface ships.

1/5 Manchester Runway Disaster

10:00 222626 0 aymanfaris

On August 22, 1985, An engine catches fire during the takeoff phase of a British charter flight from the United Kingdom to the Greek island of Corfu. Despite a successful abandonment of takeoff, 55 of the 137 passengers and crew are killed as the aircraft burns on the runway.

Boeing Boeing Boeing

02:01 227015 0 Boeingman

A new video out from boeing basically trying to adverstise the beauty of there planes. Mainly shot a London Heathrow but also filmed at other locations across the world. Expecially uploaded for Takeofftube.com friends! ;)

Sukhoi T-50 Stealth First Flight 2010

00:42 213613 0 Vilnius (not yet rated)

Russian New Stealth Aircraft T-50 PAK-FA. This plane is the first 5th generation Jet Fighter of the Russian AirForce. It is made in cooperation with India. First flight took place on January 28th - 2010 at the Sukhoi plant at Komsomolk-Na-Amur (GE : 50°36'12.20"N - 137° 4'52.58"E). Flight duration : 45 minutes. Test-pilot : Sergey Bogdan.

Car Vs Plane on a Carrier!

01:00 233181 0 Keeley

Old French Citroen commercial, really crazy! :-D

F15 Eagle Takeoff on board camera!

00:17 235027 0 JackSpacer (not yet rated)

F15 Eagle Takeoff on board camera! Wow, tha's a good climb gradient!!! :-D

The Low Pass!

05:08 225035 2 Afterburner

Incredible sequence of low-passage! A compilation of the best ones!! Enjoy the movie and comment if you like it ;)

Space Shuttle Emergency Drills

01:46 226797 0 Batman

Emergency drills training on the space shuttle more less like the Airline training for evacuation, fire etc. etc.