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Fokker F27 near miss with Piper Navajo

00:56 179397 2 Rezzonico

1971, Ansett Airlines Fokker F27 very near miss collision with a Piper Navajo during a air to air photo session. The author of this videois not known.

Manhattan Landing (1983/Great Britain)

01:01 233779 1 spewqueen

This commercial was ahead of its time when it first aired in 1983. Borrowing from the sci-fi movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, it features what appears to be an air traffic control centre guiding an aircraft, callsign "Manhattan", for approach and landing at Heathrow. Except that it's not your regular aircraft. It's actually... Manhattan. You'll see why.

Boeing 747 Snow Takeoff

03:47 208405 0 Rezzonico

Cool Boeing B747-400 takeoff on snow contaminated runway

Red Bull B-25 Flying Bulls - Smoke Startup...

08:39 76131 0 Afterburnpower

Red Bull B-25 Flying Bulls Airshow Demo during Wings Wheels and Goggles 2015. Smoke startup

PIA709 Pakistan International Emergency La...

01:00 52613 0 bananamanuk (not yet rated)

Typhoon Military Jets escorted Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK709, to London Stansted Airport. It was originally flying from Lahore to Manchester. This video was filmed on Friday 24 May 2013 at London Stansted Airport. The weekend of 24th - 27th May 2013 was to be of added interest to aviation enthusiasts as a number of additional aircraft & airlines were due in, bringing passengers for the Champions League football final. However the day got off to an unusual start as in the early morning rush London Heathrow's 2 runways were closed due to an incident with a BA Airbus. This resulted in a number of interesting diversions to Stansted. As the morning progressed, and a number of the Champions League arrivals came in, there was a sudden change in airport movements as all traffic was stopped pending an emergency arrival of Manchester bound Pakistan International Boeing 777 AP-BID. According to reports (note that this story was broadcast locally and nationally in the UK) there was an attempt by 2 individuals to gain access to the cockpit. This video captures the aircraft's arrival and sights and sounds surrounding the event. If you listen to the audio you will hear the RAF Typhoon's overhead, these were scrambled to accompany the aircraft in. As with previous emergency videos I have posted, this video serves to show the professionalism of all involved from airport, control tower, emergency services etc in the safe and secure transport of passengers. Thankfully no one was hurt of injured.

Trans Northern Super DC-3

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F-16 Extremely Low Pass

00:27 256095 2 Topgun_pilot

A US Air Force F-16 is performing an extremely low pass in Afghanistan!

Drunk Helicopter Pilot

01:45 183841 2 ForFun

Drunk Helicopter Pilot, funny candid camera! LOL!

Calm air for low flying

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Vertical smoke columns indicate calm air region where low flying in an ultralight is fun.

Avro Vulcan at Farnborough 2008

03:43 233950 0 Commander

Footage of the Avro Vulcan XH558 taking off, in flight and landing at Farnborough Air Show on Saturday 19th July 2008.