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Lufthansa Pilot wants to leave his plane a...

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Recording is not from me. Pls rate and make comments.

Noticias de Aviacion del 18 al 24 de Mayo ...

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Noticias de aviación generadas en la semana del 18 al 24 de Mayo del 2008 Parte 2 http://www.aviation-hq.com

A Survivor's Guide To Plane Crashes - 5/5

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or...how to increase the chances of living through a plane crash. Part 5/5

SpaceShipTwo First Flight 10-10-2010

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SpaceShipTwo, made its first manned free flight above the California high desert Sunday, October 10 (10/10/10).The space ship, which had been on four previous captive-carry flights attached to the WhiteKnightTwo mothership, was released from 45,000 ft. altitude and for the ensuing 11 minutes glided safely to the Mojave Air and Spaceport. If becomes Commercially, the cost for each ticket is around 200.000 USD.

Florence Airport - Approach for Short Runw...

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Part 1 of approach & landing on short runway at Florence airport, Italy. Thanks for watching. *Please subscribe* for more videos. Watch my channel for more cockpit videos - Landings and Takeoffs: http://www.youtube.com/user/fortys625...

Tornado Rules

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German Airforce Video....für Schwabe 69 ;-)

Boeing 767 short field takeoff

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Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER Short Field Takeoff. It happened after the plane had to divert to Arusha due to an emergency.

Pure P-51 Mustang Whistle Sounds - "Damn Y...

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Pure P-51 Mustang Whistle Sounds - "Damn Yankee"

Low landing jetwash RNLAF F16 EHVL 2012

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Just before the main runway reopened low landing on the sideline

3/5 Deadly Prize (Blown Apart) (Silent Kil...

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In September 1989, a Partnair Convair 580 plunged into the sea just off the coast of Denmark killing all 55 people on board. Due to the use of non-genuine spare parts, the bolts joining the tail section to the fuselage failed in flight leading to a catastrophic structural failure.

Unique Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB "Hurri...

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The BE505 the only 'Hurri bomber' in the world. After a thorough restoration in England she went in January 2009, adapted to carry bombs, at Hangar 11 back into the air. The color scheme is of the 174th's (Mauritius) Squadron of 1942, when stationed at Manston Airbase.