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Arrival HA-ANI Antonov AN-2P Wings Wheels ...

02:56 125405 0 Afterburnpower

Antonov (PZL-Mielec) An-2P HA-ANI C/n: 1G132-55

Beechcraft Debonair I-PMDD - landing on Co...

01:05 241500 0 Bjiorn

Landing on airfield Cosenza Bisignano - Beechcraft Debonair I-PMDD

Emergency landing at LR Airport

02:12 245380 0 Lionel

A American Airline MD80 did an emergency landing at LR Airport due to smoke in the cockpit. Watch this news report.

Dead Stick Landing

02:17 136877 0 CaptainHook

Power Off Approach and Landing,on Savannah Ultralight. While flight training for my Sport Pilot Licence. The Field is :Dimitra Airfield in Kopaida -Greece.

Hawker Hunter low level flying

03:44 258953 2 Topgun_pilot

A great video on low level flying with the Swiss Air Force in a Hawker Hunter.

Hanging By A Thread Plane Crash pt 1

09:50 262139 0 Boeingman

An aircraft practically hangs by a thread as it attempts to make a safe landing.

Su-30 Su-35 Mig-29 Mig-35

06:18 259117 1 gofwars

video du Su-30 & Su-35 du Mig-29 & Mig-35 (Full version)