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01:33 95879 0 Jepsen

Takeoff from Emmen AirBase - LSME.

British Airways AWESOME Billboard Advertising

00:26 114033 0 William

Look at this British Airways Awesome Billboard Advertising installed front and center at London's Piccadilly Circus, it identifies BA planes as they pass overhead! AMAZING!

COCKPIT AIRBUS A380 on Takeoff

01:00 30634 0 JustPlanes

JustPlanes filmed on the flightdeck of MALAYSIA AIRLINES Airbus A380 from Kuala Lumpur to London Heathrow. For the full 4h15min film visit http://www.worldairroutes.com/malaysia380.html

Some Air Force heavies at NAS Oceana

05:40 243921 2 PlaneBrain1JB

Strange and yet pretty cool at the same time to see some USAF Heavies in and out of NAS Oceana. An E-3 and two C-5s departing Runway 5R and a C-17 landing on 23L. This was sometime during my visit to Virginia Beach, VA in mid October 2006

Sky Crane Helicopter Helmet Go Pro Video HD

08:34 182593 0 MR_Smith

Sky Crane Helicopter extinguishing a little fire. Helmet Go Pro Cockpit Video.

ERJ-145 skidded off the runway while landing

00:30 256244 1 Jocey

A Dniproavia Embraer ERJ-145, registration UR-DNE performing flight Z6-207 from Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) to Istanbul Ataturk (Turkey) with 44 people on board, overran runway 06 at 09:50 local (07:50Z) while landing following a VOR approach. The nose gear dug itsself into soft ground (making it appear to be collapsed) before the airplane came to a stop, all gear (including main gear) departed paved surface with the nose already pointing down the slope on soft ground. No injuries occured. This was the actual METAR: LTBA 230750Z 08004KT 9999 SCT035 BKN100 07/02 Q1007 NOSIG

NATO Frisian Flag 2013 SwAF JAS39 Gripen a...

02:15 140833 1 Afterburnpower

Gripen aborted takeoff: Volvo-Flygmotor RM12 enginepower problem