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American Airline commercial

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American Airline commercial post 9\11

5/5 Manchester Runway Disaster

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August 22, 1985, An engine catches fire during the takeoff phase of a British charter flight from the United Kingdom to the Greek island of Corfu. Despite a successful abandonment of takeoff, 55 of the 137 passengers and crew are killed as the aircraft burns on the runway.

CRAZY way to pick up a flag!! HD

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CRAZY way to pick up a flag by the "Escuadrilla Argentina de Acrobacia".

C-130 Fat Albert Night Show

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The Blue Angels C-130 "Fat Albert" performs the night show JATO takeoff at the California International Airshow 2007.

TRIG Aerobatic Team Oostwold Airshow 2013

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The team fly two Pitts Special S-1D Biplanes, Trig Aerobatic Team the Pitts Special is one of the most legendary light aerobatic aircraft ever built. Although originally designed by Curtiss Pitts back in 1944 the design proved so successful that the Pitts has been used by some of the most famous display teams ever since, this included the Rothmans and Marlboro aerobatic teams in the 1970s. The team's aircraft are powered by Avco Lycoming IO-360 engines generating 180HP, powering a fixed pitch metal propeller. This gives them a top speed of 200mph, and with a max weight of only 522 kilograms. T

Antonov An-12 2 Ukraine Air Alliance AN-12...

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Antonov An-12 propeller aeroplanes landing and departing from London Stansted Airport on the same day. These old aircraft are a relatively rare sight anyway but to have two landing and depart from London on the same day within a few hours of each other is unusual. I hope you will enjoy the video of these almost 50 year old aircraft as they perform a steep approach landing and offer some amazing bass prop sounds along with the characteristic smoke trail. These aircraft are a sight and sound to enjoy. Both aircraft were operated by Ukraine Air Alliance and were painted in different liveries. The aircraft both departed for Heraklion.

Paro Bhutan VQPR runway 33 Arrival in Falc...

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Another interesting video on PARO airport in bhutan. runway in the middle of high mountains and nasty approach. must see

SwAF JAS39 Gripen NATO Frisian Flag 12-4-2...

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12-4-2013: SwedAF Jas39: 39834,39221,39223,39246,39257,39258,39263,39271,39279