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Lufthansa A320 Wingstrike Pics and Video

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Lufthansa flight LH044 had been arriving on a domestic service from Munich on 1st March 2008, a day when Germany was experiencing violent winds as a storm cell crossed Europe. Germany's national weather service had issued warnings about the conditions and data from Hamburg indicated gusts approaching 50kt (93km/h). Runway 23 was in use at Hamburg when the incident occurred, around 13:45. Weather information shows the winds were from the north-west, which meant an approach to this runway was subject to strong crosswinds. Lufthansa says air traffic controllers "offered to the pilot" runway 33. This runway, at 3,666m (12,030ft), is slightly longer and allows an approach on a more north-westerly heading. Runway 23 was the one designated for landings at the time, says the airline, adding that it is equipped with better instrument landing and guidance systems than 33. "Just before the final touchdown, there was a gusting crosswind from the side," says Lufthansa. The aircraft's left wing-tip struck the runway, bending the wing-fence and causing minor damage to the wing surface, before the crew aborted the landing and executed a go-around. The crew made a second attempt to land at Hamburg, this time opting for an approach to runway 33, and touched down without further incident. None of the 131 passengers and five crew members was injured. The incident is under investigation by German accident investigation agency BFU. Video footage shows that, an instant before the main landing-gear contacted the runway, the A320 (D-AIQP) rolled sharply, initially about 20° to the left, before the wing-tip touched the ground. The aircraft then drifted far to the left of the runway centreline, rolling a few degrees to the right to recover, before climbing away.

BAE Systems hostile fire indicator

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This is a demonstration of BAE Systems' hostile fire indicator (HFI), an experimental system for detecting small arms fire aimed at helicopters. Many helicopter pilots are equipped with countermeasures to defeat missiles, but remain vulnerable to small calibre weapons. Very often, the helicopter crews are unaware they are being shot at. The HFI is intended to solve this problem, if BAE Systems can prove that it works.

C-5A Wing Vortice tests at NASA

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This 29 second movie clip shows C-5A Wing Vortice tests at NASA Langley Research Center.

Boeing 737-79T BBJ - Rainy Take Off & ...

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Boeing 737-79T BBJ VP-BWR take off at Airport Bern-Belp in Switzerland. Jet Blast was amazing during this rainy weather! Enjoy the awesome engine sound! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY matthiashaenni ©


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Clips from the OASIS HONG KONG B747-400 DVD (200mins) in the World Air Routes series. You can find out more about this and other DVDs by going to justplanes.com

Stormbirds The Game!!!!!

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Trailer of "Stormbirds", the best game!!!!

Ultralight encounters von Karman Vortex HD

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Even at low surface-wind speeds of 5 - 7 Kt, the vortex can make ultralight flying uncomfortable.

Air Crash Investigation - The Heathrow Eni...

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Jan 2008, the Boeing 777 is the golden standard for commercial aviation. For more than 10 years, the plane has logged more than 2million flights without major accident, but less than 1000 feet above London’s Heathrow airport, all that changed. Was it computer failure, fuel contamination, fuel waxing, fuel line blockage, fuel delivery system failure, all examinations failed! They turned from the clues they have to those they don’t!, Sherlock Holmes methodology!