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Helicopters Carter Aviation Technology

04:39 245628 3 GForce

Thecnology.... the future of aviation?

Germania Airbus A319 Landing at Airport Be...

02:43 156978 0 matthiashaenni

axi (backtracking) on the runway the spoilers and the flaps were retracted. I left this part uncut. Enjoy! Video Editing Software: Final Cut Express and iMovie Camera: Sony VG10 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY matthiashaenni ©

"Made In The Shade" B-25 Mitchel...

04:04 150722 0 AIRSHOWVID

In-flight video from this past summer's tour of "Made In The Shade" owned by the Arizona Wing of the CAF. This B-25 is one of the newest restored B-25's flying in the United States. Go Pro footage provided by Pat McGarry.

Toncontin Risky Landing

02:37 248843 1 USA_Spotter

Whatch this B-737-300, previously owned by US Airways, dangerously landing in which at that moment it appeared as if the aircraft was going to overrun the landing strip!

Wings Of The Red Star MiG 25 Foxbat part 1

10:31 243197 0 GForce (not yet rated)

Documentary on the infamous MiG-25, Nato Codename: Foxbat. This is the story of the development of the fabled Mach 3 interceptor, and reveals answers to questions which had kept Western aviation officials puzzled for decades!

Landing at Edinburgh Airport

02:06 114782 0 Jerry13

Landing at Edinburgh Airport, Airbus A320

ISS Satellite Flyover the earth HD

00:55 199606 0 FlyFishing

ISS Satellite Flyover the earth, you can the light from the major cities and even flashes from the thunderstoms areas. Really nice and emotional to see the beauty of our planet from the space.