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Predator UAV at OSH Behind the Scenes

03:44 258389 0 Batman

Predator UAV at OSH Behind the Scenes

Time to Fly HD

02:02 144565 0 CallsignRED

►Time to Fly -- CallSign RED http://www.callsignred.tv http://www.facebook.com/CallsignRed ► Music by Klaud - Ava https://soundcloud.com/klaudofficial

Pitts S-1T pilot view GREAT VIDEO

04:25 232521 0 Rezzonico

Ben Lowell Aerial Confrontation 2010 @ GXY, Pitts S-1T N68RH flight #2 45 up (7k*9.2), 1-1/2 spin (13k*8.7), rev 1/2 cuban (16k*8.5), 1/4 clover down (13k*8.3), hammer w/ 1/4 roll down (19k*8.8), rev sharktooth (18k*8.5), pull-pull-pull humptie (13k*9.2), immelman (10k*8.8), goldfish (18k*8.5), 1 turn roll (10k*9.3); presentation (6k*8.7), no outs, score 87.3%. THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO!!!

Last CF-101

08:33 258655 0 Vilnius (not yet rated)

The last CF-101 Sqn (416 Chatham NB) takes to the sky with a 12 ship flypast (as seen from the cockpit) 1984.

Parachute guy survives two crashes on the ...

03:22 252712 1 Jocey

This lucky parachute dude survives two crashes on the same flight!

DHC-8 landing gear collapsed (9 Sept. 2007)

01:48 255003 0 Lionel

September 9th 2007 at Aalborg Airport - Denmark. A SAS Commuter DHC-8 suffered a landing gear collapse right after touchdown. The right wing and nr.2 propeller struck the runway surface, igniting a fire. The plane swerved to the right and turned before coming to rest in the grass next to the runway. No one was hurt.

Crazy helicopter landing on a bridge

00:42 207365 0 MR_Smith

Crazy helicopter landing on a bridge, respect for the abilities of the pilot!

Risky Hang Glider Rescue Near Tillamook Ore

01:59 270247 0 MR_Smith (not yet rated)

Visit www.gocoastguard.com to see more information on the AST rating! Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician Third Class Robert Emley rescues a hang glider pilot from turbulent waters near Tillamook, Ore. on September 18, 2009. For more on this rescue, check out the Coast Guard Compass blog: coastguard.dodlive.mil ... "Coast Guard" Jobs Careers AST rescue search hoist exciting "hang gliding" hanglider "hang glider"