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Qantas Refuses to Accept 5% Pay Increase D...

01:54 259758 0 MR_Smith

Qantas is refusing to consider a higher pay offer to its engineers, despite continuing industrial action and a warning from unions that the fight could get nasty

Skydivers Land Safely After Plane Crash!!!! HD

03:24 114713 0 Kriss (not yet rated)

Skydivers Land Safely After Plane Crash. This is the extended version video.

Helicopter pilot taking water from swimmin... HD

01:36 109880 0 MR_Smith

Fire fighting helicopter pilot taking water from swimming pool


00:59 173561 2 Vilnius

Really Crazy Takeoff Of A Russian Plane On Extremely Contaminated Runway

B 17 Aluminum Overcast in Lebanon TN 2004 ...

05:26 176414 0 Shoot16mm (not yet rated)

This is some additional footage that I took of this video on the same day. It was raining really hard at times and I took the time while standing under the wing & fuselage to shoot additional footage. I was also allowed inside to film. The black & white footage was shot on some very old B&W stock. Gave the images a very different look. The Huey Cobra helicopter was flying over the airfield and when it saw the B-17, they came down and took a closer look, hovering just over the runway. The projector I shot the DV file from is an old kodak and I had to continually adjust the film speed to make sure the darker bar didn't cross the image more than it did. Thanks for looking and for sharing. This was shot on an old Bell & Howell Filmo and an old Keystone A-12 Movie camera.

Boeing 747-800 crosswind landing HD

01:46 154733 2 Boeingman

Boeing 747-800 BBJ Qatar Amiri A7-HJA xwind landing.

On Board Air Force One(4/5)

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All rights go to National Geographic@2009 I do not own this video. National Geographic and its affiliated companies own this.

Acidentes Foguetes Parte 2 - Rocket Crash ...

05:33 238979 0 Sigerb2007

Compilação de vídeos com acidentes com foguetes.

Flyby 8x F-16 65th anniversary 323 Tactes ...

05:55 137160 0 Afterburnpower

31-5-2013: EHLW On May 31, celebration of the 323 Tactes squadron at Leeuwarden Airbase 65th anniversary.

B787 Dreamliner Evacuation after Electrica... HD

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All Nippon Airways (ANA) B787 Dreamliner Evacuation after Electrical Emergency Landing at Tokyo Narita Airport. After this event ANA grounded 17 of its Boeing 787s for emergency inspections due to batteries malfunction.

Jetstar A320 Flying Overhead To Land

00:47 248242 1 Danielpilot

Landing at Coolangatta, Gold Coast Australia