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Cockpit Video Airbus A320 landing at Las P... HD

06:00 148173 2 Foxx

Condor Airbus A320 Cockpit Video Landing at Las Palma, GCLA.

Happy End

02:44 139699 0 Avioman

Happy End is a really cool project for a photo-book. More infos here: http://igg.me/p/340928/x/2346444

Plane Crash at Baseball Game!

01:50 260132 0 Jocey

This is the famous "Plane Crash Game" -- as seen on ESPN, FOX Sports (etc.), and vidclip websites around the Internet. The good news is that all four people on board survived. The unbelievable news is that the pilot's daughter was playing soccer on the field in the background when it happened, and rushed to her father's aid!!

C130 dropping

00:41 256480 0 Kriss

It seems the dragchute didn't unfold fast enough so the c130 lost his lift and speed

US Navy Hey Ya

05:08 250140 0 UAL8658

the last of the series