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F-15 Eagle Collision From Cockpit

00:20 241991 0 Lionel

This is a F-15 Eagle Midair Collision From Cockpit, rare to find.

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

05:37 250361 0 Ghostrider (not yet rated)

The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II remains one of the most popular and charismatic fighter aircraft in the world today. Though its long and distinguished service career is almost over, the type does remain operational in modest numbers and in various roles and with interesting markings and equipment, with a number of air forces around the world.

A pilot year in 177 seconds

02:57 213901 1 Afterburner

A year of Airbus A320 flying in a short video. Copyrights go to Michael KEF but the video was uploaded in a wrong generalistic site, the right place of course it's on takeofftube.com! ;-) To all aviation enthusiasts.

Vickers Vanguard Retiring Flight at Brookl...

04:49 134875 0 Airliner (not yet rated)

On the 17th October 1996 the worlds only surviving Vanguard (Merchantman) G-APEP made its retiring flight into Brooklands. This is the story.

S-3 Viking Carrier Landing

01:22 215238 1 Topgun_pilot

You’ve probably seen that ONE video of the S-3 Viking doing a day trap, here’s one you probably haven’t seen! ;)

Becoming an airline pilot - FullFlap.TV 30...

05:45 243603 0 fftvav (not yet rated)

Today: 30th July 09 Why should you become an airline pilot. What will it take and what are the rewards. Two interviews now from the Flyer Professional Flight Training show that answers all those questions. For details of the next Flyer Show have a look at http://www.flyer.co.uk/exhibitions/ Next week. FullFlap.TV comes from 2000 feet above the ground

Amazing Landing Scene

02:11 261778 3 USA_Spotter

Its always amazing to see an airplane landing in a snowy weather leaving behind vortex. Look this B737 Braathens Airline!

Turbulence_no fun flying HD

02:32 138413 1 retiredman9

RANS S-6 takes off into turbulent air ; aborts flight.

Boeing 787 practicing for the 2016 Farnbor... HD

02:23 44405 0 Boeingman (not yet rated)

All Nippon Airways 787-9 Dreamliner through the skies as it practices for the 2016 Farnborough Airshow,