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A jumbo 747 coming from Tel Aviv.It is not so usual because EL AL use the 757 or a 767. Enjoy!


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Iron Maiden´s ED FORCE ONE Boeing 757 takeoff from Costa Rica MROC.

Noticias de Aviacion del 29 de Junio al 5 ...

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Noticias de aviación generadas en la semana del 29 de Junio al 5 de Julio del 2008 http://www.aviation-hq.com

Sukhoi Su-25 Very Low Flying

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Ukrainian sukhoi su-25 in chad (Sahel, Africa)

Stansted Airport London - Landing Taxi &am...

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Having gone back through some video tapes of footage I filmed a few years ago it's clear just how many changes have occurred at London Stansted. However, bear in mind that some of the shots included here, such as Hellenic Imperial, Saudi and Bahrain 727 were irregular flights. However many others such as Darwin Airline, Transavia, Blue1, AIr Italy, MaxJet, SkyEurope have either stopped flying to Stansted or stopped altogether. Although others such as Titan, EasyJet, Ryanair remain. Germanwings remains, but lacks the logojets of the past and Air Berlin is a shadow of it's former self at STN, having transferred many flights elsewhere. Some shots are a little jerky but I hope it brings back memories for you as it did me. Oh, and as a one off I've also included a US Military C130 departure and an Irish Air Corp CASA arrival. Thanks for your support.

2011 May Day Fly at Valdez

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2011 May Day Fly STOL Competition at Valdez, Alaska. Nice clips of some Alaskan scenery, STOL Competition with music.

A400M & Red Arrows Formation Flight

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A400M & RAF Red Arrows perform an outstanding flyby formation at RIAT 2013.

F4U Corsair saga in Central America

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WWII era piston-engined fighters were serving in a number of Central American air forces well into the 1960s.

A cheap F22 Raptor for everybody

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Yes, a cheap F22 Raptor for everybody! This is the new SF/1 Archon and it is produced in Greece, funny but nice! More infos here: http://www.aerosports.gr/

TOP 10 Fastest Planes in Aviation History!

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TOP 10 Fastest Planes in Aviation History!

Northrop N9MB Flying Wing - Planes of Fame...

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The Northrop N9MB flying wing was the 4th in the N9M series of aircraft produced by Jack Northrop as test aircraft for the flying wing design. The N9MB at Planes of Fame is the only remaining airframe of the N9M series. The N9MB was carefully restored over a 13 year period and is in flight status today. This aircraft is flown regularly at the museum and other local airshows. This aircraft is the actual great-grandfather of the modern day B-2 Spirit flying wing heavy bomber. Enjoy! Warbirds On The Net

Beechcraft Bonanza near crash

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Video of a Beechcraft Bonanza's near crash terrain encounter. The plane encountered sudden IMC conditions, and missed to crash into a mountain. This shows what not to do!