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Hercules C130 Carrier Operations!

05:38 255687 1 Jocey

That's amazing I never tought before viewing this clip that C130 was able to land and takeoff on a carrier! Must see!

Mirage 2000 The skies predator

12:49 251109 0 JackSpacer

Really nice footage of French Dassault 2000, the skies predator! Enjoy the movie! :)


04:29 255199 0 Takeofftube

Die Dassault Rafale französisch Windstoß oder Sturmböe ist ein strahlgetriebenes Mehrzweckkampfflugzeug französischen Ursprungs.

Air Transat Flight 236 Investigation Part 1

23:22 260204 0 Lionel

In August 24, 2001, an Air Transat Airbus A330, heading from Toronto, Canada to Lisbon, Portugal, experienced problems with the left engine's fuel supply. Hours later, the plane runs out of fuel over the Atlantic and has to glide to a landing without power. National Geographic Air Emergency explores the causes that contributed to this catastrophe and shows how the crew managed to glide to a landing without fatalities or injuries.

Amsterdam Air Crash Investigation Part 1

23:32 268516 0 GForce

El Al Flight 1862, a Boeing 747-200F cargo plane, takes-off from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Holland). Metal fatigue in the fuse pin holding up the inner engine on the right wing causes it to fail and force the engine to break off. The engine running at full power shot forward and knocked out the outer engine and damaged 30 ft. of the wing. The lift between the wings becomes unbalanced, but at its current speed, the plane is able to remain relatively level in the air. However, 8 minutes later, when the crew slow down the plane for landing, Flight 1862 banks greatly to the right and loses altitude.

Caproni Museum part II by Simone D'Ascenzi

05:32 250817 0 Simonevdv

Gianni Caproni Museum. This is my second documentary realized with Caproni's family. This is the english version. the original version is an italian language. For more information contact me!

TAP Airbus 310 Low pass

03:27 257784 0 jetstream

Another Amazing Low Pass at Évora Air Show !! retired already from the fleet the Airbus 310-

TWA Trans World Airlines Flying into Histo...

02:28 266560 2 bananamanuk

Short promo for a DVD I made called TWA Flying Into History. The full DVD contains footage of TWA from 1970s to 2001 including 707 through to modern 757/767 aircraft.

Marines Test the Joint Strike Fighter

01:31 261396 3 GForce

Test pilots from Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Air Force had already flown the new F-35 Lightning II, or Joint Strike Fighter, when U.S. Marine Major J.T. Bachmann took it up for a test run on March 19, 2009, at Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth, Texas factory. Bachmann flew the Air Force's F-35A variant, with Lockheed pilot Jon Beesley's name written on the side. But the Marines will get their own version of the Joint Strike Fighter, the F-35B, with short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) capability.


01:20 250219 1 Topgun_pilot

F16 Gets blown over by B1s engine thrust...