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Bad Landing Alton Bay

01:08 230667 0 ForFun

Pilot lands in a snow drift beside the runway, bad landing!

Pitts S-1T pilot view GREAT VIDEO

04:25 232523 0 Rezzonico

Ben Lowell Aerial Confrontation 2010 @ GXY, Pitts S-1T N68RH flight #2 45 up (7k*9.2), 1-1/2 spin (13k*8.7), rev 1/2 cuban (16k*8.5), 1/4 clover down (13k*8.3), hammer w/ 1/4 roll down (19k*8.8), rev sharktooth (18k*8.5), pull-pull-pull humptie (13k*9.2), immelman (10k*8.8), goldfish (18k*8.5), 1 turn roll (10k*9.3); presentation (6k*8.7), no outs, score 87.3%. THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO!!!

Raptor attacks remote controlled eagle

00:57 240122 0 ForFun

A large raptor attacks this remote controlled eagle!!! The controller barely get away by making quick dives until some crows come to his rescue! Not quite aviation but … very cool to be seen. LOL!

Fight Against Iraq funniest video ever

01:45 237781 0 ForFun

Sorry this is not really related to aviation but is REALLY REALLY FUNNY! Pls takeofftube's editors don't delete it!! HAVE FUN!

Flight Tachina Quito Ecuador Embraer 170 T...

04:24 230060 0 TameVirtual

Flight EQ-181 Tachina Quito in a Embraer 170 HC-CEY Puerto Baquerizo Moreno of Tame - PART 1. Visit us:

Turkish Air Force Aerobatic Team 2012 HD

04:47 144814 0 Desertwind

Turkish Air Force Aerobatic Team 2012. Türk Yıldızları 20 Yıl Tanıtım Filmi 2012.

The Harrier 1960-2010

04:54 227446 1 VulcanXH558

A tribute to the Harrier, one of the greatest ever aviation achievements. Thank you, PlanesTV for a special tribute.

Team Viper Hawker Hunter display

03:59 239928 1 VulcanXH558

A video of team viper displaying at the RAF Leuchars airshow in Scotland. The team do some wonderful flying in there four Hawker Hunters. They are the only Hunter display team in the world.

The end of XH558?

11:26 235581 2 VulcanXH558

The final part of 'Vulcan A Farewell to Arms' shows the emotions after the final display and the final(?) flight to RAF Waddington where 558 was to sit awaiting her fate. However, we all know that the outcome was very different to what many people believed. The rest, as they say, is history......

A300 Adverse Weather Contition Landing

03:32 239462 0 ElGringo

Airbus A300 Landing at Cuba filmed from the cockpit, during approach turbolence and raining due to adverse weather conditions.

Aerial Ballet

05:19 228962 0 viper

The aerial ballet that is high performance flight to the rhythm of Jack Savoretti´s song Dreamers.