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GoPro falls from Plane! LOL!

01:09 130018 2 JackSpacer

GoPro falls from Plane, watch till the end! :-D

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Rehearsal Flight HD

03:03 108683 4 Boeingman

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Rehearsal Flight at Farnborough Airshow 2014.

Archaeopteryx Demo FANTASTIC HD

07:37 104548 0 Rezzonico

Archaeopteryx amazing swiss technology. More infos at

Propeller Explode and Emergency Landing HD

01:56 91063 1 Lionel

Pilot Kevin Eldredge had a failure which caused his prop to spin up and literally explode off the front of the airframe. He managed to land safely after the event.

Cockpit Night Flight

00:44 257617 2 MR_Smith

Nice approach video taken from the cockpit until touch down

Alitalia MD11 Hard Landing

00:14 251991 0 Lionel

Alitalia MD11 hard landing iin Hong Kong

tast boeing crash

00:35 260872 0 Penny

testing a crash landing boeing

Concorde last moments before crash

01:54 252677 2 Penny

The last flight of sadness, last moments before concorde crash in Paris

Aircraft "Oops Situations!" pictures!

02:58 257210 2 JackSpacer

A funny collection of aircrafts.. Hope you enjoy!

People like us, Pilots part 2/3

09:32 245885 0 Jocey

BBC documentary about the life of pilots, full of British humor now and then... Enjoy the movie! ;)

Models and Planes!

05:23 249742 1 Flying_Steward

No other words, beautifull models and planes!

-On the wings of the time-by Simone D'Ascenzi

09:58 248963 0 Simonevdv

This is my first documentary dedicated to unique pieces flying in the world of Caproni 100. Based on an idea of Gerolamo Gavazzi (owner) and Simone D'Ascenzi (Director) is now one of the most valuable video on the history of this aircraft. These aircraft are original 1930.The shooting of these fabulous historic machines have been realized in Bresso (Milan) and at Lake Como (Italy).