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Smoothest Plane Landing Ever? American Air...

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Is the smoothest aircraft landing ever? American airlines A330-200 N280AY smoothly touching down on runway 05R on a beautifully calm morning at Manchester with clear skies and no wind.

High Terrain & Landing at PESHAWAR PAK...

01:00 29493 0 JustPlanes (not yet rated)

JustPlanes in the cockpit of the AIR ARABIA Airbus A320 for a roundtrip flight from Sharjah to Peshawar. For the full 4 hour film including other destinations

Madrid-Barajas Airport Spotting: Spring Mo...

01:00 34223 0 TopoGigio789 (not yet rated)

Landings and take-offs in the Barajas Airport´s runway 32L/14R.

Piloting the Boeing 777-200LR out of DUBAI

01:00 29850 0 JustPlanes (not yet rated)

JustPlanes filmed an entire cockpit series with Ethiopian Airlines. Here we cover the Boeing 777 on routes from Addis Ababa to Abuja Nigeria, Dubai UAE and Luanda Angola as well as a bonus flight on the Boeing 767 to Frankfurt. For the full 4hr film visit

Loganair takeoff on water from Barra beach HD

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Loganair flight takeoff from Barra Airport in the Outer Hebrides (Scotland). Voted the most stunning landing and takeoff spot in the world - It is the only airport where scheduled commercial flights land on a beach and flights must therefore be timed to coincide with low tide.

Night Landing Lisbon - Pilotsview Boeing 767

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JustPlanes in the cockpit of the EuroAtlantic Boeing 767 for 4 flights to 2 African countries : Sao Tomé and Guinea-Bissau. For the complete 4h30min film

BOEING 737 leaving Martinique - Pilotsview

01:00 29863 0 JustPlanes (not yet rated)

JustPlanes spent a week filming NORWEGIAN 737 cockpit in the Caribbean. This takeoff is from Fort De France. For the full film

Last flight of Steve Fossett, a brave air ...

02:22 28125 0 retiredman9 (not yet rated)

On September 3, 2007, the sport plane he was piloting was overpowered by mountain gusts and crashed, killing him.

FedEx MD11 majestic liftoff

01:00 31688 0 JustPlanes (not yet rated)

JustPlanes runway action filming at Anchorage Airport includes this FedEx Douglas MD11 with some great condensation on takeoff. For the full video

AMERICAN Boeing 787 Soars into the Sky

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JustPlanes spend a week at Dallas DFW Airport filming the airline traffic including lots of American Airlines aircraft. In this clip you see the Boeing 787 Dreamliner landing and taking off. For the full 3hr film

Piloting the Airbus A320 into Santorini

01:00 32403 0 JustPlanes (not yet rated)

JustPlanes filmed Thomas Cook Airlines on several different routes including Brussels to Santorini. Find the full 4 hour film at