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F-18 HORNET RELOADED. Dedicated to the Men and Women of the United States Navy. Music performed by Collective Soul.

Lazy Eight viewed from a vantage point HD

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Aircraft : RANS S-6, 65HP Camera drone : DJI Phantom 4

Planes Fighting the Palmer fire in Riversi...

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It's not often that a Boeing 747 flies right above your neighborhood (well, in this case it was my dad's.) Global SuperTanker 944, a converted Boeing 747-400, was used for the first time in fighting this wildfire, and DC-10 tanker 911 as well as some small planes gave some assistance. Also, I feel that I should note that these are just a few more quick phone videos, as I didn't have my camcorder handy at that time.

Air-gunner ace

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Air-gunner of a B-24 bomber shot down 18 Zero fighters in WWII.