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F16 vs F15 in Operation Red Flag

03:36 255342 2 viper

Adrenaline video of F16s vs F15s in Operation Red Flag! Enjoy this video and rate please!!

Rare Blackbird Flyby

00:19 261741 1 viper

SR-71 Blackbird makes low pass, and hard bank with afterburners lit.

Cessna 172 Very Small Strip Landing

01:49 236069 2 BigSky

This is a really narrow runway, LOL! Cessna 172h landing at Indian Creek Airstrip, Idaho Backcountry.

Flying the Canyonlands of Southwest Utah

07:02 231656 2 Thomas

Amazing Aviation with Top Cubs and Carbon Cubs including Blu and Ladd exploring Utah CanyonLands, nice!

PlanesTV 2009 airshow perspective

02:32 223736 1 VulcanXH558

PlanesTV's 2009 airhow perspective, some excellent footage. Thanks to PlanesTV for the video.

C130 The Credible Sport SUPER STOL PROGRAM

02:49 227337 0 Jocey

The "Credible Sport" phase I program was initiated by the OSD directorate and was designed to validate S.T.O.L. approach configuration and associated avionics. Hercules 74-1683 was modified so it could take off and land almost like a helicopter. The aircraft was equipped with lift rockets slanting downward, slowdown rockets facing forward. The aircraft was intended for use in Iran to rescue American hostages. During a STOL demonstration flight the pilot fired the upper set of slowdown rockets at a height of 40 feet, instead of 20 feet at usual. The navigator was trained to fire the lower slowdown rockets three seconds later, just after touchdown.

Corsair, Warhawk and P-51 Mustang Having f...

03:52 219022 1 Rezzonico

Texas Flying Legends Museum low passes over the St Barths airport and SY Marie at the 2011 St Barths Bucket Regetta. Pilots are: Warren Pietsch - P-40K, Robert Odegaard - FG-1D and Casey Odegaard - P-51D.

First Person Camera T-45 Carrier Operations

06:06 208950 0 Aleale

Amazing First Person Camera Video about T-45 Carrier Operations. MUST SEE! Author: Picolè2010.

The Copilot Song

01:54 206050 2 Rezzonico

Here is the Copilot song! VERY FUNNY!

Emergency Landing On Interstate Onboard Ca...

02:22 203261 1 Aleale

April 25, 2011. This Cessna C172 had an engine failure forcing the pilot to land on a trafficated highway. Nice job! ;-)

EAA 2011 AirVenture Oshkosh Final Recap HD

02:45 205383 1 USA_Spotter

EAA 2011 AirVenture Oshkosh Final Recap, this show is AMAZING!

Iran Air B727 crash landing

00:55 203048 3 Lionel

Tehran, Oct 18th 2011. This Iran Air Boeing 727 had a crash landing due to nose gear stucked in upright position. The airliner was on duty from Moscow to Tehran and the flight crew manage a perfect belly landing with minimum damage with great skills of flight.