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Monarch Airlines Tribute Flying Into Histo...

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Monarch Airlines A Tribute Flying Into History is my latest aviation video to commemorate and airline. Monarch was almost 50 years old when it sadly and suddenly ceased operations in the early hours of 2 October 2017 and went into administration with KPMG taking over winding down of the airline and assets. This video features some unique footage and photographs of Monarch aircraft through time. Beginning with an Airbus A321 landing at London Luton, the footage reverses into the sunset and clouds as we travel back in time with images of Monarch 757, 737-300 and 737-200 (look carefully for the BAC1-11) before a glimpse aboard a Monarch Bristol Britannia from back in 1972. Following these titles is a selection of Monarch jets that I've filmed at various locations including London Luton, Manchester Airport, London Stansted and Tenerife. The footage is from a variety of formats, from Super 8 Cine Film through to HD and 4K. Above all I hope you enjoy watching my attempt at a tribute to this airline. So many employees spoke about a sense of family when working there. This is my tribute to some of the history of Monarch. Best wishes to the employees that cared so much about their passengers and their airline. Thank you for watching.

Overhead approach to landing HD

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Convenient for checking cattle on the run way

Arrival in LILQ

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I landed with a beautiful PA28-201RT in Massa Cinquale Municipal Airport

Bell 412 flight Jamaica (Norman Manley Int...

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Bell 412 EP flight from over the City of Kingston , Jamaica to the Norman Manley International Airport (MKJP).

Bell 412 Helicopter Jamaica Defence Force

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JDF Air Wing conducting training in Port Royal , Jamaica

Bell 412 CASEVAC at sea 2 of 4

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CASEVAC at sea 2 of 4 . Jamaica Defence Force Air Wing Crew members conducting a Rescue at Sea. Aircraft : Bell 412 EP

Boeing 737 Approach into Kingston Norman M...

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Night Approach and Landing at Norman Manley International Airport , Kingston , Jamaica Aircraft Type : 737 Airport :MKJP

Bell 206 Jamaica Defence Force

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Jamaica Defence Force Air Wing Bell 206 landing at Up Park Camp, Kingston Jamaica This is 1 of 2 Bell 206 B3 that the Caribbean Military Aviation School operate to train Local and overseas students on the Rotary Wing phase of their military wings course.