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Helicopter crash over Manhattan

00:28 236894 1 Kriss (not yet rated)

Helicopter crashes over Manhattan buildings due to a failure tail rotor

Military airplane making magic lights

00:15 238653 1 Kriss (not yet rated)

Military airplane is celebrating Christmas making a magic cascade of colours

B 740-400 landing in San Francisco cockpit...

04:16 251962 0 Kriss

Boeing 747-400 landing in San Francisco from cockpit view. Good job!

Amazing landing gear rescue

01:24 230137 2 Kriss

This plane needs help from a guy in speeding truck to open the landing gear.Amazing!!

A 340 - 600 construction

01:56 245068 1 Kriss

Airbus 340-600 A fast forwarded footage of an airbus craft being built

Military atmosphere around fighter pilots

05:24 242045 2 Kriss

Fighter pilots in us army, feel the magic atmosphere

Airbus 320 first flight to Antarctica

01:47 242179 1 Kriss

December 13, 2007—An Australian passenger jet touched down on an ice runway in Antarctica this week. Flights for scientific teams are to begin next week.

Argentine Bombing Of British Ship

00:21 233660 1 Lionel

Argentine Bombing Of British Ship

F18 decktrap from cockpit

00:21 239536 0 Lionel (not yet rated)

Nice landing of a F18 as seen from the cockpit

F14 and F18 flyby

00:10 253201 0 Lionel

F14 Tomcat and F18 Hornet fly-by together!

Concorde last moments before crash

01:54 248074 2 Penny

The last flight of sadness, last moments before concorde crash in Paris

Air support too close!

00:14 248730 0 Batman

A requested airstrike seems to be to close!!