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A Survivor's Guide To Plane Crashes - 2/5

09:11 252021 0 Clark_Griswold to increase the chances of living through a plane crash. Part 2/5

Aviation News Today - 01/11/2008

10:13 260933 0 Keeley (not yet rated)

January 11, 2008 FAA takes steps to improve runway safety, two low-fare carriers are scaling back growth plans, and Boeing sees record plane sales in 2007.

Awesome short take-off and landing demo in...

00:48 254761 2 Lionel

Demonstration of the Zenair CH 701's short take-off and landing capability. This video is from dealer Zenair Sud France of southern France.

Boeing 767 short takeoff

01:23 265790 0 Batman

Amazing short takeoff of American Airlines B767 only 16 sec!

Deplaning at Pegasus Base

02:14 252808 0 Batman (not yet rated)

C-17 flight to McMurdo Pegasus Base, really cold there!!!

C-5A Wing Vortice tests at NASA

00:28 261147 0 Batman

This 29 second movie clip shows C-5A Wing Vortice tests at NASA Langley Research Center.

C5 Galaxy short Takeoff at Stewart Int.

01:12 269455 1 Batman

A USAF c5b Galaxy Cargo Aircraft is doing a short runaway-takeoff and a 180° degree turn at the Stewart Int.

9.7 G pilot training

00:50 255748 0 Kriss

Pilot training at 9.7 G of speed, are you sure you want to a pilot? Look this first!!!

Allegiant Air emergency landing

01:26 253511 0 Penny

Allegiant Air emergency landing!!

DCH8 Emergency landing

00:27 265768 1 William

ANA DCH8- Q400 in emergency landing!