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B787 cabin description

02:47 250737 0 Airliner

Footage of the dreamliner cabin

Boeing 787 Dreamliner first roll-out

01:21 242589 1 Airliner (not yet rated)

As the title says this is the first official roll-out of the Dreamliner.

Take off and landings at Princess Juliana ...

00:56 246153 0 Airliner

Nice sunny day for spotting takeoff and landings at Princess Juliana Airport

a380 commercial aspects

02:25 237155 0 Airliner (not yet rated)

CNN interesting about commercial possibilty of the A380 with economical considerations.


01:57 247831 0 Batman

Precision weapon drop (2004)

Wish You Were Here

04:40 238837 2 Airliner

This video is a perfect illustration of the reason that I fly for the airlines. ;)

Funchal (FNC) Crosswind Approaches

04:48 243981 2 Lionel

Three GO-arounds perform by EASY-JET, AER-LINGUS,and THOMAS COOK on RWY 23

Vulcan spotted

00:18 258656 0 USA_Spotter

A Avro Vulcan spotted flying.

Funny 405 movie!

03:03 251036 0 USA_Spotter

Really Funny and also popular video! I noticed it was missing here, now we have it! ;)

How to trim the trees..

08:09 241693 0 USA_Spotter

Ever wonder how they trim the trees around the power lines?? Look at this video! ;)

Incredible Acrobatic Model!!!

07:43 252554 1 USA_Spotter

This footage was taken at the EUR Air Show, ACR Rheidt, in 2004. The pilot is MR. Rainer Kamitz, the aircraft 322 / 3w. Enjoy the SHOW!!!