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Did youever seen a Flying LAWNMOWER??

01:53 239404 1 Jocey

This is a really funny video of a radio controlled FLYING LAWNMOWER!!

Funny Safety Briefing

02:28 246781 2 Jocey

Flight from LAX to Chicago MDW, this flight attendant made some very interesting remarks that had the whole plane laughing! :D

We all love cabin attendants!

05:05 245753 2 Airliner

This video is in honour of all flight attendants in the world! They do every day a hard work but they find everytime a smile for us! :)

Avianca Flight 052 B707 Investigation (1990)

09:44 244247 0 Lionel

On Thursday, January 25, 1990 a Boeing 707-321B registered as HK-2016, crashed into the town of Cove Neck, Long Island, New York after running out of fuel.

B777 MTOW Rejected Takeoff

04:16 244056 0 MR____

This is a Boeing official test of braking action and resistance of the B777 rejecting take off at maximum take off weight

Nice Gliders Footage

05:24 238374 0 Jocey (not yet rated)

Really nice movie of acrobatic gliders, must see it! ;)

Mysterious Helios crash reconstruction

08:50 248733 0 Lionel

August 14, 2005, a Helios Airways 737 crashed in Greece, killing all 121 people on board. The exact cause of the crash was unknown, but aviation experts speculated that the plane's cabin pressurization system failed early in the flight. It was assumed that everyone on board lost consciousness while the plane continued to fly on autopilot until it ran out of fuel. More recent analyses suggest that at least two flight attendants were able to stay conscious using portable oxygen bottles, but that they were unable to open the reinforced cockpit door in time.

Passenger has a big problem to fit his lug...

00:32 247419 0 Penny

On board video, passenger has a big problem with his hudge luggage

tast boeing crash

00:35 248718 0 Penny

testing a crash landing boeing

A 380 funny history

02:20 248043 0 Penny

Airbus 380 from Air France funny story