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A fighter and a glider together!

00:30 235976 1 USA_Spotter

Rare movie of a glider and a fighter during an airshow..

Sukhoi 35 jet fighter show

06:37 246756 0 Batman

Great show of Sukhoi 35! Great show great sound, must see!

F15 takeoff looking back

00:19 249481 0 Lionel

A short but nice movie of a F15 take off looking back cockpit camera!

F104 intercepting

01:28 252350 1 Jocey

A Italian F104 intercepting a civil aircraft

B727 emergency landing

00:18 241617 0 Airliner

A Boeing 727 emergency landing. This aircraft landed on a safety material covered rwy with the rightside main landing gear locked in upright position.

UK Puma Helicopter Nice Footage!

02:58 242966 1 Jocey

You must see this fabolous video! ;)

B1 breaking sound barrier

00:10 251325 1 Batman

A b1 bomber breaking sound barrier

History movie of a Bf-109 Shooting In Spit...

00:20 242969 0 Batman (not yet rated)

History movie of a Bf-109 Shooting In Spitfire. World War 2

WWII V1 Rocket Launch

00:04 243684 0 Batman (not yet rated)

A short movie about V1 launch used in world war 2 by Germany.

Airbus Commercial From Hell to Heaven

00:59 245090 0 Keeley (not yet rated)

A strange and funny Airbus commercial, see it! ;-)