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A321 TAP extreme crosswind landing

00:37 251558 2 Lionel

A go around performed after an attempt to land in extreme crosswind conditions

Frenetic Life of an Airport

01:23 235766 0 Lionel

This is an amazing time-lapse photography of a busy international airport...

757 Short-Field Departure

01:40 223972 1 Jocey

This video, shot in Reykavik, Iceland, shows an impossibly short-field take-off performed by a Boeing 757, followed by some nice high-speed passes.

747 Retirement Flight Landing on Narrow Ru...

03:43 271730 7 Jocey

Watch as this pilot shows consummate skill planting the big Boeing onto a very narrow, very short runway, for display in an aviation museum.

Boeing 747 Airshow

01:26 236393 2 Jocey

South African air lines 747 beautiful flight demonstration.

Wingwalker: A walk on the wing

00:36 235333 0 Jocey (not yet rated)

Take a look at this crazy man walking on tha wing of an airplane

A post-maintenance engine startup

00:52 247039 0 Jocey

A post-maintenance engine startup, is this engine working properly?

Why Grandma shouldn't Skydive

00:22 231819 2 Keeley

Really funny video, you will understand why grandma shouldn't skydive!

Parachute Stuck on the Tail

00:36 232005 0 Keeley

Hair-raising video of a skydiver getting sucked out of the plane and having his 'chute foul on the aircraft's elevator. All's well that ends well, however -- the guy eventually fell free and both jumper and aircraft landed safely.

Almost collision with aircraft

00:13 256808 3 Keeley

A skydiver comes close to hitting an airplane while in free-fall...

Incredible Jet Diver

03:02 242288 1 Keeley

A skydiver, wearing a bat-suit, puts two of those little R/C jet engines on his boots, and, well, you'll see...


01:59 238531 0 Keeley (not yet rated)

81 skydivers join up to make a huge kite in the sky, followed by a beautiful starburst.