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JFK ATC Bad Day at the office - Funny

09:08 269888 0 Airliner

You think you have had a bad day at work. Once you have heard this think again lol

Riding onboard Atlantis during re-entry

02:56 262751 0 Batman

Stunning video, taken by STS-115 astronaut Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper during Atlantis' re-entry and landing last month, has been acquired, showing what it is like to ride on board an orbiter during re-entry.

Approaching Chicago

01:29 252911 0 Jocey

Flying north over Lake Michigan, passing by the Chicago Loop, downtown area, and north side. Approaching Chicago O'Hare International Airport from Cleveland on a Continental Airlines ERJ-145, 12/18/07


00:22 260347 3 USA_Spotter

Incredible video of UFOs flying over Haiti!!!! MUST SEE!!!!!!!

Pam Ann a special flight attendant

03:20 268797 0 William

Fly with Pam Ann and enjoy the flight

Concorde cabin and galleys

08:20 261850 0 William (not yet rated)

An amaizing visit of the interior of Concorde, visiting cabin and galleys

Pam Ann Flight to Paradise

03:39 249287 0 Kriss (not yet rated)

Pam Ann,the best flight attendant in the world, great service, don't miss, fly her!!

Concorde cockpit experience

03:56 266844 0 Kriss

An exciting visit in the Cockpit Concorde,great!

Flight Simulators, pure excitement!

01:35 255370 0 Airliner

Hundred of amazing aircrafts and fantastic flight simulators! The Naval Aviation museum in Pensacola FL is really amazing! Go to visit it!!

British Airways makes a big deal!

00:00 263651 0 Airliner (not yet rated)

British Airways makes a big deal with Boeing for the new 'Dreamliner' 787. Today Fox News

F104 Celebration!

05:37 258140 0 Clark_Griswold

A big clebration in Italy, Pratica di Mare, for the F104 Starfighter