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Concorde cockpit experience

03:56 267014 0 Kriss

An exciting visit in the Cockpit Concorde,great!

Flight Simulators, pure excitement!

01:35 255540 0 Airliner

Hundred of amazing aircrafts and fantastic flight simulators! The Naval Aviation museum in Pensacola FL is really amazing! Go to visit it!!

British Airways makes a big deal!

00:00 263825 0 Airliner (not yet rated)

British Airways makes a big deal with Boeing for the new 'Dreamliner' 787. Today Fox News

F104 Celebration!

05:37 258310 0 Clark_Griswold

A big clebration in Italy, Pratica di Mare, for the F104 Starfighter

landing carrier at night

00:55 255370 0 Batman

landing on a carrier during night, really tricky!

F15 able to land without a wing!

04:36 257600 3 Batman

look at this icredigle film, a pilot with his F15 was able to land almost without the righthand wing! The F15 is the most impressive and nice military jet!

US Navy Force Pilots in the eye of hurricanes

05:30 252633 0 Penny

US Navy Pilots flying in the eye of hurricane Dean

various airplanes takeoff and landing

05:26 257921 0 William

various ariplanes flying the sky, many landings and take off, fantastic!!

C 130 crash landing

00:19 257109 0 William (not yet rated)

A Military airplane burnes after landing

missed crash on the sky

00:39 259255 0 Kriss

Two planes almost near to crash, very scary!!

An embarassing turbulence

00:30 260145 5 Penny

Attention, turbulence on board can be dangerous!!

Strong wind for landings today

00:23 254641 0 Jocey

ABC News reports difficulties for landing aircrafts to due strong xwind!