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737 Farewell Fly-By

00:29 247818 0 Keeley (not yet rated)

A final fly-by in Calgary, Alberta as West Jet retires their last Boeing 737-200.

DC-3 Radical Departure

00:05 231356 0 Keeley

If this is legit, is looks like the DC-3 sends the cameraman sprawling! Anyone know what's happening here?

747 beautiful landing

00:24 248441 0 Keeley

This beautiful video shows a beautiful B747 landing at sunset.

Air Tindi Flyby

00:21 243440 0 Keeley

Taken in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, this video shows a Dash 7 doing a low-level fly-by. The slow frame rate of this video makes it look like all four props are stopped!

Airshow 2006 Air Force

02:59 250882 0 Penny

Airshow 2006 best actions pilots Air Force

Rare movie of the Nimrod

01:51 242850 0 Batman (not yet rated)

The Nimrod entered service in 1969 as the MR1 version. Based on the civilian Comet airliner, the Nimrod was, and remains, the only jet powered long range maritime patrol aircraft in military service. It should be appear in the static park of a few selected air shows only.

The famous Avro Vulcan

01:27 255104 0 Batman

The Avro Vulcan taxiing in after landing at The Fighter Meet Air Show at North Weald. On this occasion the Vulcan produced its usual immaculate display including ripping up some concrete runway on take off. Whoops!

Wooden Wonder De Havilland Mosquito

01:13 242933 0 Batman (not yet rated)

The "Wooden Wonder" De Havilland Mosquito making a few low passes at the Badminton Air Day in 1987. The footage was taken on some very old equipment including a betamax video camera. I include it for historical reasons as opposed to optical ones.

The Italian Frecce Tricolori

00:43 242303 0 Batman

The Italian Frecce Tricolori are one of the best aerobatic teams in the world. This clip shows their finale flypast.

C17 Power

01:14 240945 0 Batman (not yet rated)

This short clips show the power of the C17

A quiet fishing day!

00:55 247251 1 Batman

Look at this funny clip..

Nice spot (UK 1996)

01:00 244543 0 Batman (not yet rated)

Look at this amazing advertisement