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Twin Towers 9 11

00:45 236697 0 Penny

two planes crashed into the two towers

Boing 737 dangerous landing

01:00 239928 0 Penny

Boing 737 during a dangerous landing due to at one of the main gear retracted.

The biggest RC Model in the world

05:06 246929 1 Lionel

Look at this fantastic RC model replica!

Maybe this Pilot is on late?

00:33 244207 11 MR____

You must see this crazy takeoff of a Eurowings A319!

Sucked in A6 Intruder Engine?

00:36 243237 0 Keeley (not yet rated)

I'm not sure it this is an actually video or a hoax but it seems some guy got sucked in to an A-6 Intruder (thanks Peter) engine and survived.

Russian Knights flying Su-27 Flankers

04:25 243245 0 Marko_Ramius

Russian Knights flying airshow formations. Great video, lots of very cool shots and angles of the famous Russian Knights flying the very colourful Su-27 Flankers.

Bad Landing Helpt Beer Commercial

00:30 249648 2 MR____

Hilarious video of a bad landing in this Helpt Beer Commercial. A must watch!

News Helicopter Crashes

00:27 242932 2 MR____ (not yet rated)

A news helicopter starts spinning out of control and crashes into a building. The passengers and pilot managed to survive with little damage.

Rafale Near Crash

00:23 239003 0 MR____ (not yet rated)

A Dassault Rafale nearly crashes into the ocean after coming out of a loop.

F14 Tomcat very low pass

00:08 238145 0 MR____

A very low pass between two ships of a F14 Tomcat

Canadian CT-155 Hawk Crashes Birdstrike an...

01:04 246405 0 Jocey

A Canadian/BAE CT-155 Hawk crashes shortly after taking off and sucking a bird into its engines. Video taken inside cockpit! Very nice!

A320 Jet Blue Nose Gear

01:06 237841 0 Jocey (not yet rated)

Video of the recent incident with the Jet Blue aircraft's nose gear getting stuck sideways.