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British Airways 4 Engines Fail (part 1)

09:58 240864 1 Keeley

An investigation reconstructin the event of a Boeing 747 with 4 engine fail at one time! Captain moody and his first officer Roger and Barry did a remarkable job? to safe all the passengers and their plane. Part 1 of 3

Costanza Lake Mid Air Collision

09:32 246942 1 Jocey

This is national geographic reconstruction of the mid air collision over costanza lake (2002)

F18 Landing on a carrier

00:46 228551 1 Keeley

Cockpit video of a F18 landing on a carrier

F14 Breaking sound barrier

00:09 243271 0 Keeley

An F14 breaking sound barrier seen from a carrier

New P-791 Super Blimp

01:09 249471 3 Keeley

Cool vid of the controversial hybrid P-791 airship by Lockheed Amazing Aircraft The Biggest Blimp

Birmingham TNT 737 landing with one main g...

03:29 242783 1 Keeley

A 737 emergency landing in Birmingham due to one of the main gear stacked in retracted position.

Takeoff and landins at Juliana Airport

02:50 240566 0 Keeley

Spectacular takeoff and landins at Juliana Airpor (netherlands antilles)

Really Extreme Skydiving!

01:18 246173 0 MR____

This is really extreme skydiving, must see!

F4 USN Carrier Operations

00:53 246172 0 MR____ (not yet rated)

F4 Phantom Carrier Operations, late 70s

Aerobatic Team - Red Bull Air Race

04:37 250725 4 MR____

Fantastic Aerobatic Team Red Bull in Air Race 2004 in Budapest. Must see!

First flight A380 to JFK

05:47 243185 0 MR____

The first flight of the A380 to NY JFK, with also on boards movies

T-Rex 450 on board flight

02:27 230775 0 Clark_Griswold

Flight with on board helmit camera