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B1 breaking sound barrier

00:10 261183 1 Batman

A b1 bomber breaking sound barrier

History movie of a Bf-109 Shooting In Spit...

00:20 252710 0 Batman (not yet rated)

History movie of a Bf-109 Shooting In Spitfire. World War 2

WWII V1 Rocket Launch

00:04 252535 0 Batman (not yet rated)

A short movie about V1 launch used in world war 2 by Germany.

Airbus Commercial From Hell to Heaven

00:59 254283 0 Keeley (not yet rated)

A strange and funny Airbus commercial, see it! ;-)

Bomber B-1B Demostration

02:45 265034 0 Batman

A nice video demonstration of the B-1B!

Engine power

01:40 256584 0 Penny

What exactly can a jet engine do!

A 380 First official commercial flight

02:25 256915 0 Penny

A 380 the first official commercial flight from Singapore to Sidnay

Landing in New York jfk by night from the ...

02:32 254832 0 Penny

Landing in new york JFK from the cockpit by night

Landing in New York JFK visual approch

01:45 273829 1 William

From cockpit landing in New York JFk visual approch RWY 4R