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Rare video of the AirFrance Concorde crash...

00:25 243855 1 USA_Spotter

On July 25th, 2000, the Concorde F-BTSC operated by Air-France takingoff from Paris Charles de Gaulle to New York crashed. During the take-off run, a fire erupted under the left wing. A few seconds after lift-off, both left engines lost thrust, and the plane crashed on a hotel. All the 109 people onboard are killed, as well as 4 people on ground. Thirsty day :(

AVRO RJ Crossair Windshear on final

00:59 246947 1 Lionel

AN Avro RJ85 during approach in ZRH encounters windshear and performs a goaround procedure. During GA it touch the RWY, but this event may occour normally during such procedure.

DHC-8 landing gear collapsed (9 Sept. 2007)

01:48 242563 0 Lionel

September 9th 2007 at Aalborg Airport - Denmark. A SAS Commuter DHC-8 suffered a landing gear collapse right after touchdown. The right wing and nr.2 propeller struck the runway surface, igniting a fire. The plane swerved to the right and turned before coming to rest in the grass next to the runway. No one was hurt.

B707 crash on the rwy (1997)

00:44 249908 1 Lionel

A Boeing 707 freighter belonging to First International Airways crashed on January 16th 1997 in Kananga Airport, Congo. The plane landed hard and the left main gear collapsed. The aircraft ran off the side of the runway and caught fire. The 5 crew-members escaped without major injury.

Hey, my RC model is under bird attack!

01:10 241329 0 Batman

Look this on board movie of a RC model being attacked by a bird!

Have you ever see a flying witch?

00:38 248855 1 Batman

Here it is! A RC flying witch! Hi hi hi..

Radio controlled B52 test flight

09:06 248519 1 Batman

This radio-controlled Stratofortress has 8 REAL jet engines, and is nearly big enough to carry a passenger! This is an early (and successful) test flight of this awesome radio-controlled bomber.

Airbus A380 Radio Controlled Model

01:58 241262 1 Batman

It's amazing what they can do with those little jet engines... It sure LOOKS like the new super-jumbo A-380!

Cross Wind Landings

02:18 244417 0 Lionel

This video shows certification tests for various Boeing airliners.

Super Constellation coming in to land at a...

00:28 249530 1 Lionel (not yet rated)

Super Constellation coming in to land at an airshow in Oklahoma City on Father's Day, 1990.

Alitalia MD11 Hard Landing

00:14 244123 0 Lionel

Alitalia MD11 hard landing iin Hong Kong

Airliners Crazy Race

02:35 241245 1 Lionel

This fantastic, hilarious, award-winning video is all digital. The dialogue is all in German, but that hardly seems to matter....