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Air crash San Andreas

03:33 239856 0 Penny

Ventura airport, air crash San Andreas

Sky divers air crash

03:37 244014 1 Penny (not yet rated)

Seconds from disaster comet air crash skydivers

US Air 427 Boeing 737 - 300 crash

02:13 272641 0 Penny

Boeing 737 US Air shot down with no evidence. Crash.

In Flight Solutions Academy Training Session

03:44 252593 0 Batman

In Flight Solutions Academy is a portuguese aviation school, that provides training courses for Flight Attendants. Located in Lisbon, near to the Airport, this school has one of the best cabin crew trainings in all Europe. Watch this video about the evacuation drill made on TAP simulators. Dedicated to all my friends from the training.

A flight with Clickair

04:51 240221 1 Jocey

First flight to Barcelona, the cabin crew was the best I`ve ever had. I would like to thank all of them!

The Perfect Cabin Crew

02:38 241723 3 Keeley

Comedy sketch about British Airways cabin crew I found on the web!

Airbus A380 Delivery: Cabin Crew

02:02 245065 0 Keeley

How Singapore Airlines cabin attendants became familiar with the A380's improved cabin facilities 15th Octuber 2007 on a ceremony in Toulouse.

Crash jet and military

04:54 240984 0 Penny

Civil and military jet crash

Two planes crash

00:49 234875 1 Penny

Two planes crashed, too close approching

Rare video of the AirFrance Concorde crash...

00:25 246075 1 USA_Spotter

On July 25th, 2000, the Concorde F-BTSC operated by Air-France takingoff from Paris Charles de Gaulle to New York crashed. During the take-off run, a fire erupted under the left wing. A few seconds after lift-off, both left engines lost thrust, and the plane crashed on a hotel. All the 109 people onboard are killed, as well as 4 people on ground. Thirsty day :(

AVRO RJ Crossair Windshear on final

00:59 249158 1 Lionel

AN Avro RJ85 during approach in ZRH encounters windshear and performs a goaround procedure. During GA it touch the RWY, but this event may occour normally during such procedure.