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Drunk pilot

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drunk pilot.. may be..

Boeing 777 maximum rejected takeoff

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Boeing 777 maximum rejected takeoff

A 380 Singapore Airline interior cabins

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A 380 Visit on board the amaizing hudge aircraft

MD 80 hard landing

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MD 80 breaking tale during takeoff

The smallest twin engine airplane in the w...

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The smallest twin engine airplane in the world

Boeing 757 bird injection takeoff

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boeing 757 bird injection takeoff

Boeing landing in St. Martin

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Boeing landing in St. Martin, just on the beach

Nicoderm commercial on flight attendant

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Nicoderm commercial on flight attendant

B-2 Spirit. The Northrop Grumman

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B-2 Spirit. The most futuristic aircraft, amaizing shape , the real touch of science fiction about this aircraft.


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Airbus successfully completed the passenger evacuation trial on development A380 MSN7, paving the way for the Authorities to certify the aircraft in time for delivery by the end of 2006. During the trial, all of the 873 participants were able to leave the aircraft and reach ground within the 90 seconds prescribed, with half of the 16 doors in operations. The trial was performed under the supervision of the European Aviation and Safety Agency EASA and a representation of the American FAA. One passenger suffered a broken leg and there were some minor injuries. The main requirements for the evacuation drill are: * 650 passengers taking part * Lights will be out in cabin * Half of exits will be closed * Drill must feature 40% women, 35% people over 50 * Passengers will not be told which exits are in use * Passengers must wear their seat belts