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Stunning Helicopter GoPro Views in Faroe Isl.

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JustPlanes Cockpit Film of Atlantic Airways includes a fantastic ride around the Faroe Islands with a dozen landings! For the full 4h30min film including the Airbus A319

Ilyushins, Tupolevs & Yakovlev at Beij...

01:00 11231 0 JustPlanes (not yet rated)

JustPlanes filmed Beijing Airport in 2001 and captured hundreds of aircraft. Here is a series of Ilyushins, Tupolevs & Yakovlev. For the full 3 hour film

LTU A330 COCKPIT Dusseldorf to Beijing (2004)

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In 2004 JustPlanes filmed German airline LTU on the Airbus A330. This program includes flights from 3 German airports to Beijing, Shanghai in China and Male in the Maldives. For the full 3 hour film

Sucre, Bolivia. High Altitude Difficult Ai...

01:00 12095 0 JustPlanes (not yet rated)

Justplanes filmed a Cockpit program of Amaszonas CRJ-200 which includes a flight into Sucre Airport just before it closed. For the full 4 hour film visit

Low-level precision bombing by RAF Mosquit... HD

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The bombing of Amiens Prison in France to assist the escape of the prisoners condemned to death, April 18, 1944