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Japan's top ace foresaw his own death HD

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Japan's top ace Hiroyoshi Nishizawa had 87 victories when he died in a plane crash on October 26, 1944

Ultralight fun flying_Low flying HD

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Music : Japanese Happy Song, Cheerful, Joyful,../ White Noise Relaxation

Escape from the Iron Curtain in a microlite

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In 1984 Ivo Zdarsky escaped from the Iron Curtain in a microlite he designed and built.

Ultralight fun flying_Taking off from... HD

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Grass surface offers soft cushion and small rolling resistance. Music : Near Dawn _ Bangkok Symphony Orchestra / pibpundao

A game of bluff HD

05:14 10415 0 Not yet rated

An out-of-ammunition Mustang pilot saved two friendly Mustangs from being shot down.

Chinese-American ace fought for China

04:10 9132 0 Not yet rated

Arthur "Art" Chin flew biplane fighters against the Japanese invasion of China in Pre-WWII years

Small air plane orbits drone HD

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Aircraft : RANS S-6 , 65 HP Drone : DJI Phantom 4 Music : Wishing Candle / God's Blessings Ensemble

Something Belong Friendship

04:02 13876 0 Not yet rated

Feeling forever indebted to the villagers who had saved him, the shot-down P-38 pilot went back to the island and built a primary school for their children

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