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Flying in El Nino and La Nina sceneries HD

01:49 6676 0 Not yet rated

El Nino makes for parched, rain staved land. La Nina induces green and fresh.

Outclassed, outgunned and outnumbered ! HD

06:17 7712 0 Not yet rated

WWII Thai fighter pilots made do with what they had in the defense of their homeland. Music : Lampang Girl / Tanis SriKlinDee flute

Ultralight fun flying_Power-off stall HD

01:13 9908 0 Not yet rated

At stall break, the nose of the aircraft drops a little. Just release the pressure on the control stick. The aircraft will dive a little. On opening up engine it will start flying again.The height loss is less than 100 feet.

Japan's top ace foresaw his own death HD

03:45 12946 0 Not yet rated

Japan's top ace Hiroyoshi Nishizawa had 87 victories when he died in a plane crash on October 26, 1944

Ultralight fun flying_Low flying HD

01:31 11572 0 Not yet rated

Music : Japanese Happy Song, Cheerful, Joyful,../ White Noise Relaxation

Escape from the Iron Curtain in a microlite

02:29 16525 0 Not yet rated

In 1984 Ivo Zdarsky escaped from the Iron Curtain in a microlite he designed and built.

Ultralight fun flying_Taking off from... HD

01:17 16369 0 Not yet rated

Grass surface offers soft cushion and small rolling resistance. Music : Near Dawn _ Bangkok Symphony Orchestra / pibpundao

A game of bluff HD

05:14 14205 0 Not yet rated

An out-of-ammunition Mustang pilot saved two friendly Mustangs from being shot down.

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