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Air rescue at A Shau Valley, Vietnam War HD

03:42 20343 0 Not yet rated

An American pilot landed his Skyraider attack aircraft to rescue his downed squadron mate.

Opposing aces shot each other down HD

04:16 14076 0 Not yet rated

This is the event in which an American ace and Russian ace shot each other down in Korean War.

Last flight of Steve Fossett, a brave...

02:22 10252 0 Not yet rated

On September 3, 2007, the sport plane he was piloting was overpowered by mountain gusts and crashed, killing him.

Low-level precision bombing by RAF... HD

04:13 16081 0 Not yet rated

The bombing of Amiens Prison in France to assist the escape of the prisoners condemned to death, April 18, 1944

World's first jet vs jet air combat

03:25 11810 0 Not yet rated

F-80 Shooting Star vs MiG-15, Korean War 1950

Flying rescue over the Berlin Wall, 1989

05:02 18188 0 Not yet rated

Two German brothers flew their ultralights to rescue their middle sibling from East Berlin.

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