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RANS S-6 takes off from dirt run way HD

00:45 4060 0 Not yet rated

The main wheels take a lot of beating from rough ground

An air combat of Saburo Sakai, Japanese ace

06:51 5533 0

Long climb from a recruited seaman to a Warrant Officer

A family's exodus

02:41 7291 0 Not yet rated

The flying escape of Ladislav Bezak, the first World Aerobatic Champion, and his family from the invaded Czechoslovakia in 1971

Overhead approach to landing HD

01:13 8852 0 Not yet rated

Convenient for checking cattle on the run way

Baa Baa Black Sheep

04:46 7865 0 Not yet rated

The last air combat of Major Gregory Boyington of the famed "Black Sheep" Squadron, WWII

RANS S-6 photo shoot HD

03:55 13066 0 Not yet rated

Aircraft : RANS S-6ES, 65 HP Music : Scent of a Woman / Itzak Perlman : violin / Candydapasqualin / YouTube

Glider assault, WWII

03:52 14312 0 Not yet rated

Target not found, the glider pilots face a decision of going home or casting off

Dawn Flight HD

02:26 13850 0 Not yet rated

RANS S-6 makes a flight at dawn Music : Rarest_Guzheng / Sorasit D Guzheng / YouTube

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