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RANS S-6 takes off from dirt run way

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The main wheels take a lot of beating from rough ground

Pilot VLOG | Orlando Executive to Lake Wal...

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Join myself and Otto from Flight Creations on a short flight from Orlando Executive (KORL) to Lake Wales (X07) as we test out some cameras and camera mounts in N8203D - the Piper Archer.

An air combat of Saburo Sakai, Japanese ace

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Long climb from a recruited seaman to a Warrant Officer

A family's exodus

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The flying escape of Ladislav Bezak, the first World Aerobatic Champion, and his family from the invaded Czechoslovakia in 1971

Helicopter Music Video

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Few small clips put together to the song : Devil Eyes by Hippie Sabotage Bell 412EP and B407 -Jamaica Defence Force