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ACI Cargo Conspiracy Pt.1

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A SAA flight towards south africa fills with smoke.

Old Air Canada safety video.

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Old Air Canada Video from 1986.

Sunrise 1 (1985/Canada)

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This commercial is part of the "World Class, World Wide" ad campaign, possibly for the out-of-Canada market. Caring flight attendants serve drinks and dessert on Executive Class, as the Air Canada logo rises like the sun above several landmarks.

One hour ago (1998/Spain)

00:30 256967 0

Airlines want to give the impression that their service is so pleasant that one doesn't seem eager to leave. With only this said regarding this commercial, I'll let you watch and see what happens. At first it seems as a boring commercial. Just look at the frames reproduced here. Now, listen to this Captain's desperate P.A. message to the Premier Class passengers...

The sign (1997/Mexico)

00:39 260663 0

The largest airline in Mexico has the legendary reputation of always being on time. And in Spanish, there is an expression called "being religiously on time". So, you have a mass servant, nagged by the priest, who patiently waits, from the top of church tower, for the "sign from above". And what is the "sign"? An AeroMexico aircraft flying by! The commercial plays on a clever double entendre, as "cielo" in Spanish means both the sky AND the heaven. To help you understand it, this author added subtitles.

When you're smiling (1996/Lebanon)

00:48 261303 0 Not yet rated

Let's go to the Middle East for a change. This MEA (Middle East Airlines) commercial shows images of grumpy passengers becoming happy passengers, thanks to an attentioned cabin and flight crew, either in the air or on the ground. The background music has been perfectly chosen: Louis Armstrong's "When you're smiling..." Soothing images, with just enough words at the end ("For better or for worse, for 50 years") because an image is worth 1000 words. MEA understood that perfectly.

Shame on you (1994/Norway)

00:45 256937 0 Not yet rated

Well, it looks like advertising is now making fun of totalitarian regimes. The "President" of some "Democratic Republic" is in town, and a celebrity host is there to welcome him. While he is preparing in his lounge, a sound technician already puts a working portable microphone on him. You can imagine what follows, as Spade Cooley's "Shame On You" plays...

The asylum (1993/Norway)

01:01 265269 0 Not yet rated

The Scandinavians are known worldwide for having a spice of humor in their commercials, no matter the products. And they are very original at advertising the airlines. Here, we take a little amusing visit into what's happening at a mental hospital. A patient crosses the room, imitating an airplane. The rest is a very amusing look at how the patients, who obviously lack of airplane trips, start pretending to fly. Throughout the commercial, an instrumental version of the "Toreador's Song" from George Bizet's Opera "Carmen" plays, and climaxes at the end, with a final message that will make you laugh... maybe.

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