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How To Decorate an Airliner for Christmas!

How To Decorate an Airliner for Christmas! This was filmed at Riga Airport (EVRA)


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Airliner red contrail phenomenon 2-10-2013

2-10-2013 Airliner red contrail phenomenon only for 10 minutes a day this time of the year.


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Boeing 707 Tribute

Tribute video dedicated to the B707, amazing airliner.


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Old video clip with the world's youngest DC-9 pilots and cabin crew...(from Curacao!)


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V1 Cut Russian Airliner Crash

Aborted takeoff incident. The guy speaking is the co-pilot and then the pilot himself too. He is saying that shortly before rotating they saw a flock of about 6-8 birds. They flashed by the left window and went straight for the intake. The engine did not take very well to a flock of birds obviously. Filmed in the Ukraine, at an airport on the Crimean peninsula.


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Sharjah International Airport 'Russian & Classic Airliner Oasis'

- Classic Russian Aircraft! - Classic Boeings - 707 - 727 - 747SP! - Go on board an Ariana 727 and Aeroflot-Don Tu-154! - Full ramp access! - Subtitles include facts and history Sharjah Airport is known for its mystique of being a sanctuary for Russian aircraft and is home to airlines and operators rarely seen anywhere else in the world! From numerous Russian classics such as Il-76s, Tu-134s and An-12s to rare Western classics such as 707s, 727s and DC-10s, this DVD takes you back in time! Witness the cargo operations of operators unknown and ‘hop on board’ with exclusive visits inside an Ariana Afghan 727 and an Aeroflot-Don Tu-154! A very challenging airport to film, AirUtopia thanks the Sharjah Airport Authority for full access to this amazing airliner oasis of this Middle East! If you like mysterious and challenging airports with loads of classic airliners seldom seen at other major airports, Sharjah International Airport is the place to be! If you like this video trailer you can buy full version of this production at


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