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Showreel 2013 by Cesar Meloni

Showreel 2013 by Cesar Meloni


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Warbirds Over Apple Valley

This video was produced during the 2011 Apple Valley Air Show held at the Apple Valley Airport. The warbirds you see in this video are from the Planes of Fame Air Museum located at the Chino Airport in Chino, CA. We were able to get our video cameras inside some of the World War II aircraft during their airshow performances. The Apple Valley Air Show is a small but highly entertaining airshow. The air show action is right in front for everyone to see and the pilots are highly accessible. Do not miss the B-25 nose cam video, its a must see! Enjoy! AIRSHOWVID.COM


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Great Airplanes Views

Nice Music, Nice Airplanes = Nice Video! Thanks for watching!


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Windsurfer and Airplanes

Windsurfer gets sucked up by airplane! Sprite zero commercial. Very funny.!!!


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Added: 2422 days ago by Penny

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Airplanes and lightning

Various video clips of lightning and airplanes and aviation related theme. ... tutto ยป Airplanes flying with lightning, airplanes on the ground with lightning and fuel tanks with lightning in the background.


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Airplanes bad flight

A really bad flight in this airplane


Channels: General Aviation, Aerobatics, Sailplanes  Funny Aviation Videos 

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various airplanes takeoff and landing

various ariplanes flying the sky, many landings and take off, fantastic!!


Channels: Airline Videos  General Aviation, Aerobatics, Sailplanes 

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