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Funny Texan Captain Announcement

Funny Texan Captain Announcement


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Added: 123 days ago by USA_Spotter

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FSX CS 727 takeoff in storm.

I take off in FSX wsing the Captain Sim 727 in a hard storm.


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Added: 652 days ago by ScarZero17

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Take Off Dornier 328 HB-AER - Skywork Airlines - Extraordinary Cool Captain

Dornier 328-100 HB-AER - Skywork Airlines - take off at Airport Bern Belp in Switerland. WOW what an extraordinary cool Captain. Big thumb-up and saluting me :-) Thanks, you made my day! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY matthiashaenni ©


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Added: 745 days ago by matthiashaenni

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Funny Crazy Airline Pilots!

Funny Crazy Captain and First Officer! LOL!


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Added: 778 days ago by Flying_Steward

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Captain Gorgeous FUNNY

This is Video is the Icelandair Crew 2011 Annual Ball. The title of the song is "This is my life" by the Euroband from 2008 Eurovision song contest. The main role is played by an actual Icelandair Captain. VERY FUNNY!


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Added: 1077 days ago by Afterburner

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Profession Air France Captain

A short documentary about the life of a Airline Captain, Eric Bernard, in this case employed in Air France.


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Added: 1156 days ago by Aleale

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Important Message from Captain Sully Sullenberger

Make your voice heard. Click the link now!​capapilots/​issues/​alert/​?alertid=19337501


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Added: 1497 days ago by Afterburner

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The singing Captain in memory of 9/11

Captain Dan Mossman sings to his passengers in the wake of 9/11. Captain said:"After 911 I did that for my passengers (either in the boarding area or on the aircraft before leaving the gate) for about 3 months. I had been carrying a Martin Backpacker guitar with me for years and after 911 I was inspired to do that song for my passengers. I have always greeted them personally and this just naturally evolved"...


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Added: 2527 days ago by Keeley

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Captain of BA crashed in London press interview

ABC video of the BA B777 crash in london


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Added: 2528 days ago by Airliner

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