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Deltaplane SCARY White Out and Deployment

Here is the original description by the author "extopaflyer": I was going to write about my thought process leading up to this incident, but I decided that it would be just an exercise in excuse making for my bad decisions, including my disregard of FAA rules regarding ultralight aircraft and clouds. The bottom line is that I wanted have my cake and eat it too: I thought I could scoot under that cloud line and purposely cut it close in order to maximize my altitude for the long glide out into the desert. Once in the cloud the instinct was to fly fast and straight to get to the other side. However, afraid of PIO I popped the VG and tried to slow down. But the video doesn't capture the surge of lift I was experiencing. At one point the base tube was almost ripped from my hand. Soon after that I no longer had control of the glider and the G forces seemed to be building so I thought the safest course of action would be to throw the chute. Fortunately, it worked out.


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Stable and Safe Vintage FAA Training Film

Reveals what frequently happens when pilots inadvertently fly into marginal or IFR weather and lose their visual reference, becoming dangerously disoriented. Describes the different types of stability augmentation systems available for use in general aviation. (1968)


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FAA Hand Propping Accident Video

Impressive video about hand propping of a small aircraft. Rate it pls! :-)


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Wings Promo FAA

If you are a Flight Instructor, Ground Instructor, Simulator Instructor or work in the Aviation Industry this video has informaton for you.This vidoe was produced by the FAA Production Studios at the FAASTeam NRC in Lakeland, Florida at the Sun 'n Fun Complex. ... FAA "FAA Production Studios" FAASTeam "Safety Program" Wings EAA "Sun 'n Fun" Florida NAFI FMPTA MCA-I "Obie Young"


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hypoxia recognition go2altitude FAA pilots aircrew

Hypoxia awareness training, no risks of hypobaric chamber. Hypoxic training for all aircrew.


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TWA Flight 800: What took the FAA so long?

7/16/08 - 12 years ago TWA flight 800 exploded off the coast of Long Island, NY. Today the FAA issued new rules to address fuel tank explosions that will take 10 more years to implement. Critics are not impressed.


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FAA Re-evaluates JFK Runway Procedures

PlusFAA Re-evaluates JFK Runway ProceduresFAA Re-evaluates JFK Runway ProceduresThe Associated PressThe Federal Aviation Administration is studying whether to again change takeoff and landing procedures after a second near-collision at John F. Kennedy International Airport in less than a week.


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Pre-Departure Briefing - FAA Safety Video

Pre-Departure Briefing as per FAA Safety Video. Enjoy the videoclip!


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FAA find Southwest using 'Unsafe' Planes!

03/09/08 FAA find Southwest using 'Unsafe' Planes!


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