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Gripen over Falun city, Sweden. Credits: SAAB


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HD Fighter Pilot Training Filmed with GoPro Camera

During next year 2014, Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management CEO Anton Kreil will fly a mission above the Karman line to Space, on the Lynx XCOR MKII. Before the space mission, a specially designed Astronaut training programme will be performed. Stage One of this training took place in Holland with the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Mr Kreil flew an L39 Albatross Fighter Jet executing Avon rolls and pulling up to 6G!


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Swiss Air Force - Mirage 3

Swiss Air Force - Mirage 3


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US Air Force Boeing 757, Gulfstream 550, Hercules, MD11 at London Stansted Oman 747 A40-OMN

This video includes some rare military movements at London Stansted, along with executive aircraft and some more familiar visitors. Beginning with FedEX MD11, the video moves to a short title sequence before a military coloured Royal Air Force of Oman Lockheed C-130J-30 Hercules rotates from Runway 04. Boeing 747-400 Omani One A40-OMN then lands, followed by A US Government Gulfstream 550 departing to Andrews AFB. A US Government Boeing 757 is also seen departing. Both of the US aircraft coincided with Senator John Kerry's visit to the UK, Europe and Middle East in early March 2013. Note this video was uploaded some time after those visits had taken place.


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F1 Red Bull Vs Pampa Fighter Jet

F1 Red Bull Vs Argentina Air Force Pampa 2 Fighter Jet. JUST JOKING! :-D


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Turkish Air Force Aerobatic Team 2012

Turkish Air Force Aerobatic Team 2012. Türk Yıldızları 20 Yıl Tanıtım Filmi 2012.


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Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team

I made this video with avidemux . it's just an amateur work. I hope you will like it.


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USA - Air Force Boeing E-4B (747-200B) 73-1677 (cn 20683/204

73-1677 (cn 20683/204) This was one of the planes that were on my wish


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Documentary - Onboard the B747 Air Force One

Documentary - Onboard the Air Force One


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C-130 Red Flag Alaska

Polish C-130 and pilots for the very first time participate in Red Flag exercise. Watch low passes in the valleys, CoOL!


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C17 Landing at wrong airport, Oops!

A large military cargo plane that was supposed to go to MacDill Air Force Base landed at the wrong, much smaller airport on Davis Islands in Tampa on Friday afternoon. The large place landed at the relatively small Peter O. Knight Airport in Tampa around 1:30 p.m. The military aircraft is a C-17 Globemaster, according to officials at the airport. The airport is at the southern tip of Davis Islands, south of downtown. Officials have not stated why exactly the plane landed at the airport and not MacDill. In a statement Friday evening, Tampa International Airport spokesperson Janet Zink, speaking on behalf of Knight Airport, said the large plane was meant to go to MacDill Air Force Base, but "inadvertently" landed at the small airport instead. Zink also said the airport is shut down as crews from the AFB work to "reposition the plane as soon as possible." MacDill AFB spokesperson MSgt Bryan Gatewood said they have a representative at the scene and are working on determine the details of the landing. "According to military sources, the plane poses no danger to Tampa residents," Zink said.


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SZB - Runway 15 - RSAF F50

April 18, 2012 Singapore Air Force Fokker F50 Enforcer Mk.2 712


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