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Eastern DC-7 at St Maarten with Crosswind


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Added: 173 days ago by JustPlanes

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DreamLines IV Wingsuit Proximity Awesome Video

DreamLines IV Wingsuit Proximity Video by Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer. Recorded on the Alps nearby of France and Switzerland. AMAZING!


Channels: Skydiving - Wingsuit - Parachutes 

Added: 542 days ago by Batman

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Helicopters at Work Stringing Power Lines

Helicopters at Work Stringing Power Lines. This happened in Scotland near lake Lomond. Nice pilots! More infos at


Channels: Helicopters Video 

Added: 638 days ago by MR_Smith

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Added: 1014 days ago by JustPlanes

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Crop Duster Avoiding Power Lines

Unedited footage of crop dusting cotton in a field with a high-line. The pole at 5:00 couldn't be much more in the way. Crop Dusters have to deal with obstacles like these on a daily basis.


Channels: General Aviation, Aerobatics, Sailplanes 

Added: 1292 days ago by Batman

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Plane Crashes Into Power Lines

A German couple in a light aircraft manage to fly into a 380000 volt power line... Funny resque, no injuries.


Channels: Funny Aviation Videos 

Added: 1943 days ago by ForFun

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