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Awesome Finnair MD 11 Go Around Cockpit View

Finnair MD-11 Go Around Cockpit View 100ft from the ground Landing in New York.


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Added: 1856 days ago by Airliner

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McDonnell Douglas MD 11 Alitalia

This video is not mine but as it is Alitalia concerning... ;-)


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Added: 2155 days ago by Afterburner

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AA MD pushback without Tow-Truck

American Airline MD80 rollt zurück, nur mit den eigenen Triebwerken (Reverser)! Mit Original-Funkverkehr!


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Added: 2269 days ago by Thomas

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MD 80 evacuation slide tail cone

MD 80 evacuation slide tail cone


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Added: 2528 days ago by Kriss

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MD 80 hard landing

MD 80 breaking tale during takeoff


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Added: 2574 days ago by Penny

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