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Jiri's A320 Cockpit

This is one of our latest cockpit, we made it for our friend Jiri in Prague. All modules and MIP construction are made by FSCockpit. The shell Jiri made on his own, because the one that we produce, is to big to fit his room. Jiri made great work !


Channels: Simulation and Aircraft RC Models 

Added: 45 days ago by FSCockpit

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A320 Sim Cockpit light test

It is a short video of testing all lights in A320 Cockpit made by


Channels: Airline Videos  Simulation and Aircraft RC Models 

Added: 348 days ago by FSCockpit

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[HD 720p] SPOTTING PALMA DE MALLORCA [31 landings in 12 minutes] Thomas Cook, Thomsom, and more...

This video contains 31 landings of different airplanes including Boeing, Airbus, and ATR, during one hour of planespotting in Mallorca near Runway 24L. In only 1 hour from 10.32 to 11.34 I saw a lot of new and different airplanes for me...That was awesome! The video was recorded this summer the 28th of August of 2012,wich was the last day spotting at Palma de Mallorca. Here I leave you all planes that are included in this video: Thomsom 757-200W 00:09 Norwegian 737-300 00:42 Thomas Cook A321 01:06 Easyjet A320-200 01:24 Thomsom 737-800 01:43 Thomas Cook 757-300W***** 02:04 Air Explore 737-400****LOOOUUUUD!!! 02:29 Thomsom 737-800 02:47 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A321 03:07 Thomas Cook 757-200 03:21 Thomas Cook A320 03:43 Thomas Cook 757-200 "egypt special livery"***** 04:24 Thomas Cook A321 "egypt special livery"***** 04:48 Thomas Cook A321 05:06 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A321 05:25 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A320 05:39 Monarch Airlines 757-200***** 05:59 Air Nostrum ATR72 visual approach 06:27 Thomsom 737-800 07:00 757-200***** 07:18 757-200 "special alliegant scheme"***** 07:38 Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten 737-800W "CANADA REG" C-FTLK***** 08:07 Mornarch Airlines A300***** 08:23 Thomas Cook 757-200 08:46 Vueling A320-200 09:06 Thomas Cook 757-200 09:24 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A330***** 09:46 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A330***** 10:14 737-800W "special alliegant scheme" 10:51 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A321 11:09 Thomas Cook A320-200 11:16 That's all friends , I hope you like this different video!


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Added: 815 days ago by castefatown

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Fantastic Homebuilt B737 simulator

Mr. James Price, from California, has spent the past 12 years building a fully functional Boeing 737 flight simulator in his garage, the result is really FANTASTIC!!!


Channels: Airline Videos  Simulation and Aircraft RC Models  Funny Aviation Videos 

Added: 972 days ago by sim_maniac

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Best Fllight Simulator - Dawn Takeoff, Flight Sim Portland Oregon, Mt. Hood - Best Flight Sims, Fight Simulator 2012 Dawn Takeoff Portland Oregon, Columbia River Below, Mt. Hood in distance in front of the sun. Check out the best flight sims and experiences at the link above. Cessna Skyhawk Dawn Takeoff


Channels: Simulation and Aircraft RC Models 

Added: 1031 days ago by Deals411

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flight simulator

flight simulator


Channels: Airline Videos 

Added: 1498 days ago by flaviotubert

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A380 missed approach SYD on Qantas simulator

A fellow ATC'er tries his hand at the A380 sim at the QF jet base in Sydney. Instructor in the RHS takes over to try to save the landing but ends up going around, then resetting the sim for another attempt.


Channels: Airline Videos 

Added: 1795 days ago by Aleale

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(1 of 8) FullFlap.TV - Can Vicki land a Flight Simulator - 13thJune 09

Recording of Saturday's live show from AeroExpo London Part 1 of 8 Intro and Vicki starts her attempt to land a flight simulator. We are taking a break and will be back for a new season on 13th July 2009 FullFlap.TV – Private, Commercial, Fun - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying.


Channels: General Aviation, Aerobatics, Sailplanes  Funny Aviation Videos 

Added: 2010 days ago by fftvav

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Qantas A380 Full-Flight Simulator

Flying the Qantas A380 Full-Flight Simulator at the Arthur Baird JetBase, Sydney Airport.


Channels: Airline Videos 

Added: 2247 days ago by CrazyWing

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Pilot in a flight Simulator COMEDY!

A funny comedy. Visit some commercial Pilots training in a life size Flight simulator with a reporter who ads a lot of humor to the sim lessons making this a comedy!


Channels: Airline Videos  Funny Aviation Videos 

Added: 2471 days ago by Keeley

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Simulator Cabin Fire

Simulator level D with a cabin fire in flight


Channels: Airline Videos  Incidents and Accidents 

Added: 2515 days ago by Foxx

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