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We own the sky - Airbus A320

We own the sky - Airbus A320


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We Are Aer Arann 2010 HD - Galway Waterford Dublin Manchester Isle of Man London City

This is an updated version of my video We Are Aer Arann in support of my favourite regional airline. Ireland's Aer Arann flies direct to one of my all time favourite places to visit, Galway and since flying with them some years ago, their professionalism and hassle-free flying made me use the services more and more. This year I flew to Waterford and have a few more flights booked to Galway. I hope you enjoy the video which features footage from London Luton LTN, London City LCY, Manchester Ringway MAN, Galway GWY, Waterford WAT, Dublin DUB, Cork CRK, and Ronaldsway IOM.


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We own the sky

Great flight tribute made from other takeofftube videos.


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We are the World 25 for Haiti

Support Haiti and Chil.e It might be us one day.


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Passenger: Terrifying, Thought We Weren't Going to Make It

Flight 253 with 278 passengers aboard was 20 minutes from the airport in Detroit when passengers heard popping noises, witnesses said. A Nigerian man who said he was an agent for al-Qaida tried to blow up the plane Friday, officials said. (Dec. 25)


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Where we are taking you next - FullFlap.TV 8th May 09

Today: 6th May 09 Which airshows do we cover and where we are going next? Find out in this quick update from Rick. Coming on Friday - The "Fashion Show" FullFlap.TV – Private, Commercial, Fun - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying. Blog and more on


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NATCA - We guide you home

NATCA (National Air Traffic Controllers Association) commercial video.


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New tv spot for danish airline Sterling.


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We all love cabin attendants!

This video is in honour of all flight attendants in the world! They do every day a hard work but they find everytime a smile for us! :)


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Added: 2579 days ago by Airliner

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