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Life as an Airline Pilot

Life as an Airline Pilot. Credits to youtube user: golfcharlie232.


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Added: 553 days ago by Airliner

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Helicopters at Work Stringing Power Lines

Helicopters at Work Stringing Power Lines. This happened in Scotland near lake Lomond. Nice pilots! More infos at


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Added: 679 days ago by MR_Smith

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One day at work - Metallica

One day at the office, oopps, at work! Music by Metalica.


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Added: 737 days ago by ElGringo

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Parachuter Needs to Work on His Landings

Maverick hates being late for a skins vs skins volleyball match with the boys.


Channels: Skydiving - Wingsuit - Parachutes  Incidents and Accidents  Funny Aviation Videos 

Added: 1776 days ago by Foxx

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easyjet pilots at work

easyjet pilots at work


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Added: 2077 days ago by Jocey

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A quiet day at work

1980's advert for weetabix, featuring cabin crew/flight attendants.


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Added: 2273 days ago by Foxx

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