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Vueling A320 intercepted by Mirage 2000

Vueling Flight VY8366 from Malaga (AGP) to Amsterdam (AMS), around 21.30 CET intercepted by a Mirage 2000 on May 27, 2011. This video was recorder by a passenger.


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A320 Cockpit and GoPro Video

Great A320 Cockpit and GoPro Video. Author: rodrigodavi. Airline: Avianca. Music: E.S. Posthumus, ARISE.


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A320 failure 1

engine failure after take off with damage packs off


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Clips from the KINGFISHER A320 DVD (185 mins) in the World Air Routes. You can find out more about this and other DVDs by going to


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A320 gopro hero

A320 takeoff and landing


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Cockpit Video Airbus A320 landing at Las Palma

Condor Airbus A320 Cockpit Video Landing at Las Palma, GCLA.


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Paradise: Avianca Flights on Airbus A320. Filmed with GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Music by Coldplay, Paradise.


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Crosswind Landings On Icy Runway at Dusseldorf

Found on the net, not my video. I hope it was not already uploaded. This happened at Dusseldorf (EDDL), Germany. NICE VIDEO!


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Air Nz: New Bear Grylls Comedic Safety Video!

Air NZ does it again: Bear Grylls stars in latest comedic safety video.


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A320 demo flight

Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden vocalist), is taken for a demo ride of the A320 for a Discovery Channel documentary. Bruce shows off the computers of the aircraft and how these protect the aircraft from control errors.


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A320 RAT Check

Short clip showing the check of the Air Ram Turbine (RAT) of the Airbus A320.


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Germanwings A320 funny jet blast check

Germanwings Airbus A320 funny jet blast check


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