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Lufthansa A321 LH 2034 M

Lufthansa LH 2034 Flughafen M


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Added: 19 days ago by TheFlightmanager

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A321 Tail Strike at Takeoff Testing

Airbus A321 Tail Strike at Takeoff Testing


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Added: 1028 days ago by Rezzonico

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Cockpit Video A321 takeoff and landing Larnaca-Athens

Flight A3905 Larnaca-Athens A321


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Added: 1175 days ago by CaptainHook

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BMI - British Midland International Airlines Manchester & Dublin Airport A319 A330 A321

A video featuring British Midland BMI, BMI Baby and BMI regional from various locations including Manchester and Dublin. Up close footage of A319's Embraer 145s and Boeing 737-300's. Also included is a shot of a BMI A330 landing at London Stansted back in March 2009.


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Added: 1481 days ago by bananamanuk

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SABENA A319, A321 & A340

Clips from the SABENA A319, A321 & A340 DVD (201mins) in the World Air Routes series. You can find out more about this and other DVDs by going to


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Added: 2013 days ago by JustPlanes

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A321 TAP extreme crosswind landing

A go around performed after an attempt to land in extreme crosswind conditions


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Added: 2559 days ago by Lionel

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