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Piper Lance Takeoff & Landing

Redlands Municipal Airport, California.


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N834UA United Airlines Airbus A319-119 Takeoff from KATL (late gear retract)

Not exactly a RARE sight, but unusual. Usually United sends CRJ's and such to ATL. Also an unusually late gear retract, possibly to cool the tires down.


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Happy End

Happy End is a really cool project for a photo-book. More infos here:


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C-5 Galaxy Flyover

C-5 Galaxy from KWRB Robins Air Force Base


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On June 22, 1954 an aviation legend was born when the first prototype of this aircraft flew in the skies above Edwards Air Force Base in CA. Designed by legendary aircraft designer Ed Heinemann this aircraft is still being used by air forces in the world today some 60 years after it was first designed. Skyhawk builder Mike McDougall and Owner/Pilot Don Keating allow our cameras an insiders view of the world's only individually owned and operated TA-4 Skyhawk. They share with us their story on how they made the impossible possible and in the process added another page in aviation's history book. This short documentary has never before seen cockpit footage of Skyhawk 518 flying during the 2011 Planes of Fame Air Show and full length interviews with both the builder and current owner. If you are a fan of the famous A-4 Skyhawks this is a must see video. Enjoy! AIRSHOWVID.COM


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[HD 720p] SPOTTING PALMA DE MALLORCA [31 landings in 12 minutes] Thomas Cook, Thomsom, and more...

This video contains 31 landings of different airplanes including Boeing, Airbus, and ATR, during one hour of planespotting in Mallorca near Runway 24L. In only 1 hour from 10.32 to 11.34 I saw a lot of new and different airplanes for me...That was awesome! The video was recorded this summer the 28th of August of 2012,wich was the last day spotting at Palma de Mallorca. Here I leave you all planes that are included in this video: Thomsom 757-200W 00:09 Norwegian 737-300 00:42 Thomas Cook A321 01:06 Easyjet A320-200 01:24 Thomsom 737-800 01:43 Thomas Cook 757-300W***** 02:04 Air Explore 737-400****LOOOUUUUD!!! 02:29 Thomsom 737-800 02:47 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A321 03:07 Thomas Cook 757-200 03:21 Thomas Cook A320 03:43 Thomas Cook 757-200 "egypt special livery"***** 04:24 Thomas Cook A321 "egypt special livery"***** 04:48 Thomas Cook A321 05:06 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A321 05:25 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A320 05:39 Monarch Airlines 757-200***** 05:59 Air Nostrum ATR72 visual approach 06:27 Thomsom 737-800 07:00 757-200***** 07:18 757-200 "special alliegant scheme"***** 07:38 Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten 737-800W "CANADA REG" C-FTLK***** 08:07 Mornarch Airlines A300***** 08:23 Thomas Cook 757-200 08:46 Vueling A320-200 09:06 Thomas Cook 757-200 09:24 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A330***** 09:46 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A330***** 10:14 737-800W "special alliegant scheme" 10:51 Thomas Cook Scandinavia A321 11:09 Thomas Cook A320-200 11:16 That's all friends , I hope you like this different video!


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Battleship USS Iowa Fly Over Flight

On July 7th, 2012 the Battleship USS Iowa started its new life as a floating museum. During the opening day ceremonies, the Planes of Fame Air Museum flew a three ship formation over the Iowa. We were allowed to have our GoPro cameras on the aircraft to record this beautiful flight to and from the Iowa. Special thanks to the Planes of Fame Air Museum located in Chino, CA. for the access. Pilots flying the aircraft are: B-25, John Maloney & David Vopat P-51 Mustang, Tom Nightingale P-40 Warhawk, Robbie Patterson Enjoy!


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Lame hangar dog welcomes landing airplane

Eagerly. Luckily, the engine is stopped in time.


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Getting closer

Getting closer with two Cessna 152


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Jon Melby Takes Flight In Mexico

This video was shot from Jon Melby's Pitts S1-11 during his aerobatic display over Acapulco Bay, Mexico. You will never see flying like this here in the United States, this flying was done legally in Mexico as part of an air show display. AIRSHOWVID.COM would like to thank Jon Melby for the footage and allowing us to do our editing to his performance. Enjoy!


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Russian Aircraft and China Southern Airbus A330 at London Stansted Airport TU154 IL62 IL76

Well this one is a bit of an epic - actually it's my longest video upload to date. I hope you enjoy it and stick with it right to the end. As a result of the Summer of Sport in London there have been many rare and unsual visitors to Stansted. I've brought a lot of VIP arrivals to you in my previous video, but this was on the day of the opening ceremony. However this video features some of the movements during the proceedings as more athletes and heads of state travel around. This video features an Airbus of the Azerbejan Government to kick things off, followed by a title sequence that's quite short but quite ambitious. The music is supposed to start with a Chinese / Asian sound reflecting the Airbus 330 of China Southern on screen, this then cuts into shots of Russian built TU154 of the Slovak Government, IL62's an IL96 and IL76. All this is set to more grinding hardcore music to try and reflect the machinery that is these aircraft - well that's the thought anyway! Stay to the end to capture the water cannon salute for China Southern, I can only think this was done because the airline only recently started flights to Heathrow and there was a hosepipe ban on according to 'Aviation News' so this may have been done at STN instead. Thanks for watching and commenting.


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Lufthansa MD11 Waving Pilots Big Jets Up Close Manchester Airport UK PIA 777 Virgin 747

This is my first video edited using Sony Vegas editing software. It took a while to save up for it, but I'm very pleased. I've brought together some of my footage from Manchester Airport filmed over a very wet weekend July 6th - July 8th 2012. Included is a shot of a very wet Lufthansa MD11 Cargo departure, Air Transat in A310 in the new livery, an Emirates Boeing 777 landing - check out the wing vorticies, a Flybe Dash8 takeoff with Prop Wash effect plus my favourite bits of all - loads of really kind pilots waving at the camera. I appreciate that so much :-) As always I really hope you enjoy watching. Thanks for your support!


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