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Emirates Airbus A380 crosswind takeoff, Jet2 737 go-around Thomas Cook 767 up close Manchester

Filmed at Manchester Airport, this video features a Thomas Cook Boeing 767-300 takeoff - listen to the brilliant sound of the engines! this is followed by a Jet2 go-around caused by the taxiing Emirates Airbus A380. The video concludes with the cross wind departure of the A380 from Manchester Airport.


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Added: 63 days ago by bananamanuk

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Aborted Landing - FedEX Boeing 757 Go-Around London Luton Airport - 757 Awesome Power

I've never seen a FedEX Boeing 757 before, in fact I had no idea they even operated to London Luton, so I was happy to see one. I like the 757. Late afternoon of Thursday Februrary 23rd 2012. In this video I captured an aborted landing/ rejected landing/ go-around. Whatever the terminology I hope the absolute power of the 757 and engines come through in this video. It's a shorter video than I normally produce and for those of you that dislike the music, this one is au natural! - natural sounds only. Anyway, I had a great day at my unplanned, unexpected trip to Luton. I was grateful to the friendly security guys for letting me stay. I hope you enjoy the video, I really enjoyed seeing and hearing the power of this fantastic aircraft.


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Added: 1032 days ago by bananamanuk

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Flybe Dash 8 Q400

Flybe Dash8 Q400, trying to land at Belfast City Airport in stronge winds. It bounces about on approach, and at the last minute decides to go around. Scary for all on board.


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Added: 1091 days ago by pdtemple1

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Double go-around with gusting crosswind

Monarch a321 doing a very late go around from about 2 feet above the runway. On second attempt windshear was encountered and it went around again and diverted to East Midlands.


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Added: 1387 days ago by Thomas

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Take-off, go-around and landing training Airbus A320

ANA Airbus A320 takeoff, go around, and landing training at Shimojishima Airport in Japan.


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Added: 2477 days ago by Keeley

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