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Hostess fimed stripping in cockpit during flight

Investigations have been launched after an air hostess was filmed stripping in a jet cockpit during flight in the month of junuary 08. The captain and the co-pilot invited the woman into the cockpit during a short-haul European flight headed to the UK and requested her to strip for them. However, this was filmed by another member of the French crew and subsequently leaked onto the internet. The woman, aged in her 20s and sporting a wedding ring, removed her top and bra and allowed the crew to touch her breasts, before raising her skirt to reveal her knickers. Authorities launched an investigation in several airlines to find those responsible.


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Plane Crash in Queens Investigation Part 1

wo months since the 11 September, 2001 attacks, the event remained fresh in the minds of Americans. At John F. Kennedy Airport, American Airlines Flight 587, an Airbus A300-600R, leaves on a three hour flight to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Shortly after take-off, it encounters turbulence from a Japan Airlines Boeing B-747 that took off from the same runway 30 seconds earlier, causing it to violently tilt back and forth. The pilot repeatedly steps on the rudder back and forth to stabilize the plane, but his overuse of the rudder breaks the tail from the fuselage. Without the tail to support the aircraft, it spins out of control and crashes into Rockaway, Queens, killing all 260 people onboard and 5 on the ground.


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Landing in New York JFK visual approch

From cockpit landing in New York JFk visual approch RWY 4R


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Sandbar short landings in Alaska

An Alaskan Bush Pilot displays landing skills on a sand bar.


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2/5 The Plane That Vanished (Lost in space)

In January 2007, an Adam Air Boeing 737 crashed into the Makassar Strait killing 102 people on board. The pilots inadvertenly disengaged the autopilot while trying to fix the inertial reference system, causing the plane to plunge to the water


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4/5 Shattered in Seconds (Scratching the Surface)

639 peices of wreckage (deepened the mystery of the crash) are recovered from the sea, when they get the 640 peice, they get their answer. In 2002, a China Airlines Boeing 747 disintegrated in mid-air and crashed into the Taiwan Strait just 20 minutes after taking off, killing all 225 people on board. The investigation revealed that a tailstrike some 22 years earlier sealed the fate of the aircraft


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Very bumpy landing in London City (EGLC)

Swiss Air Avro RJ really very bumpy landing at London City Airport. January, 2008. Must see!


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Various landings in LIME

Various landings in LIME


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Landing in Guatemala Jungle

Look at this short landing in the middle of Guatemala Jungle!


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Low level helicopter trip in Rio de Janeiro 1967

The helicopter belonged to the old Companhia VOTEC (Technical and Executive Flights), easily identified for the soon-mark. It was the first contracted company for efectuar flights for the marine platforms of PETROBRÁS. It is a clip recorded during the production of the film "Roberto Carlos in adventure" rhythm, elaborated in the middle of the time of the Youth Keeps. In the crossing of the Tunnel of the Amazed, the traffic was interrupted and he/she can see some vehicles awaiting the end of the acção.. Still Rio South Tower or the Condominium Lived of the Sun didn't exist. The Atlantic Avenue possessed, just, a rolamento track. When passing for Cinelândia (Avenues May 13 and Rio Branco) the old Federal (known as Palácio Monroe) Senate it can be seen demolished during Metrô Rio's (don't ask why) works. The landing was made at the building of the old Bank of the State of Guanabara, today, I Support Itaú S.A., in the Avenida Nilo Peçanha, probably, the only existent heliport, then, downtown. In that time that left a lot of longings, Rio de Janeiro was called of State of Guanabara. The pilot that accomplished this flight died already and for the norms actuais of safety it would be impossible to accomplish a similar procedure. Until today the pilot's ability is eulogized in passing for the tunnel, in a single passage, without a more specific training..


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American Airlines Plane Crash Lands in Jamaica

An American Airlines flight carrying 154 people skidded across a Jamaican runway in heavy rain, bouncing across the tarmac and injuring more than 40 people before it stopped just short of the Caribbean Sea (Dec. 23)


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Dornier 328 Foggy Landing in MUC

Dornier 328 Landing in MUC, Munich Germany.


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